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Special NEeds Swim Lessons with instaswim

It's Time To Get Into The Water!

InstaSwim offers special needs swim lessons for adults and children in major cities across the US. Learning the basic life saving skills as well as building up confidence in the water is crucial to prevent accidental injury or death.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Safety First

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children and adults with autism.

Tailored Swim Instruction

InstaSwim assigns the best instructors that carry with them, years of instruction with special needs students. This ensures that the student is well cared for in the water.

Drowning is preventable

Even while a caregiver is present, drowning can occur within seconds of distraction.

What We Offer

InstaSwim makes it easy to fit private at home swim lessons into your busy schedule. Our instructors are able to work around a schedule that fits your needs.

This is an experience that is beneficial to special needs adults and children and their families. Each private at home swim lesson for children or adults with special needs are always accommodating to the best of our ability, and filled with care and fun!

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Why Special Needs children and adults Should Take Private At Home Swim Lessons

The benefits of private home swim lessons can impact adults and children with special needs. Life saving skills can go a long way and over time, their skill and confidence in the water can increase.


Self-esteem is a key factor in aquatics, as this is the main focus point during sessions. Over time special needs students can develop the mental and physical strength to feel better in the water as with any skill they learn over time.


Strength and fitness is another key factor we look to increase while taking our special needs swim lessons program with InstaSwim.

How It Works


Registration is fast and easy! Submit your registration and we will connect you with the right swim instructor!


Once we process your registration, your swim instructor will contact you for scheduling.

Start Learning

When scheduling is setup, you are ready to start lessons with InstaSwim!

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