10 Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know About

10 Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Use

Weight loss tips are some of the most sought after tips in the entire realm of fitness. Not only is weight loss one of the hardest things to do, but it is also very closely tied to many insecurities.


A lot of people try weight loss tips, and a lot of the time they find that it is very hard to alter your body. This isn’t your fault most of the time. We will touch on why that is in a bit, but before that, there is something else we must talk about.


The amount of suspicious weight loss tips circulating among us is enormous. Businesses have realized that advertising your products as a cure for something that people feel insecure about works!


This realization has led to a gigantic amount of businesses, selling and providing weight loss tips and products that at best do not work, and at worst cause severe damage to our health.


To go back to why we believe that failure to attain some sort of weight loss isn’t always your fault, and to explain why most of the products don’t work, we need to understand weight loss.


What You Need To Know About Weight Loss Tips 


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First of all, why do we gain weight? We gain weight because our bodies have evolved to store fat for later use. That is the easy and short answer.


The longer answer takes into account how we use food as a source of energy. Ideally we would eat only enough so that we can maintain our bodily functions. 


Obviously, that isn’t how we function and most of the time we eat more than necessary. That’s not because we are gluttonous. Our bodies were designed to do that.


Whenever you find food you eat more than you need, and some of that food turns into fat, gets stored under your skin and above your muscles so that it may keep you warm and be used as fuel for later on.


Again, this is overly simplified. On top of that, there is yet another longer, and probably truer answer, which is still extremely simplified.


On top of our bodies being unsuited to deal with the sort of lifestyle we have, when it comes to weight loss tips, we need to talk about genetics. 

In a study done by Harvard, they found out  that genes play different roles in different people when it comes to predisposition of obesity.


The study then goes to show that, in some extreme cases genes can increase you chances of facing obesity by a whopping 70%.


So with an understanding of how complex and subjective weight is, you can begin to see how weight loss isn’t something that can be achieved miraculously through a single pill. 


Does this mean that weight loss tips aren’t a thing, and that we should all try things on our own? If that was the case we wouldn’t be talking about the 10 weight loss tips everyone should know. 


With the disclaimer part out of the way, let us share some of the tips we found with you…


10 Weight Loss Tips For You To Try 


10 Weight Loss Tips


  1. Drink Water – It is actually as simple as that. Weight loss tips don’t have to be complicated for them to work. Going back to how our body functions, merely drinking water can help you out a lot.


Some studies show that drinking water can make your metabolism work faster. So drinking water to lose some weight works best if you do it before a meal.


  1. Keep Active – This is probably the one everyone is familiar with. Every diet on earth consists of eating less, and being more active.


What most people don’t know though is that being active doesn’t necessarily require a gym or even a work out. Take the stairs, go for a walk, ride a bike, anything that gets you moving. 


  1. Cold Showers – We did mention how our body uses food as a source of energy, and now we should mention that food is also a source of heat generation for our body.


If you want to burn a little bit of calories, make sure you jump into a cold shower. Not only will the cold water make your body generate heat, thus burn fat, it will also boost your metabolism.


  1. Say No To Alcohol – One of the best descriptions of alcohol we’ve lately come across has been like this: “Alcohol is a social lubricant.” That’s poetic, isn’t it?


Unfortunately, this definition doesn’t take into account the damage alcohol can cause our body and especially our weight. Stopping alcohol consumption is one of the most common weight loss tips.  

  1. Use Smaller Plates – Weight insecurities go both ways. You also have people who are willing to gain a few pounds or so. These people are usually told to start using bigger plates.


So if you want weight loss tips, do the opposite and use smaller plates for your food. This is because our body and brain get tricked into feeling full once you see that your plate is empty.


  1. Make Love – Consensual, intimate intercourse can be really fun (at least we’ve been told so). Another thing that intercourse can be is a great way of losing weight


It is similar to the notion of keeping active, and depending on the type and duration of the intercourse, it can be just as good for your body, as a light to moderate workout.  


  1. Get Rid Of Junk Food – This is a technique that is used by people trying to get rid of an addiction. Smokers are told to dispose of all the cigarettes they have laying in their home.


If you are on a diet, you should get rid of any snacks laying around. Since food waste is very bad, try giving it to someone else, instead of just throwing it away. The idea is to make it hard for you to access food that can affect your weight. 


  1. Prepare For Failure – Weight loss tips are great and following them on top of certain changes that can affect you weight can really yield desired results.


Unfortunately the road to success isn’t going to be all sunshine and smiles. Whenever the need for food is too much, try having fruit around so you can eat that instead of junk food or sugary treats and drinks. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


  1. Sleep Better – A decent sleeping schedule is something very necessary for a normal, healthy and enjoyable life.  Better sleep however, can also influence your weight. 


Staying up late is a remedy for disaster, as it guarantees you will end up eating snacks, or eating more than you need. And studies show that more sleep drops your cravings for junk food.


  1. Swim – Sports are a great way in general of losing weight. This again ties in with the whole concept of being active. 


Swimming though isn’t just like any other sport. It is a whole body sport, and there are many techniques that are calorie killers. Swimming for fast weight loss is also a thing that might work for you. 


Note: A majority of these were based on articles by the NHS, Healthline and MedicalNewsToday. Feel free to browse them for more weight loss tips. 


Weight loss tips are something that we all may need from time to time and it is not a bad idea to try and become a better version of ourselves. Hopefully these weight loss tips can help you in achieving that.