10 Healthy Foods Every Household Should Have

Healthy Foods Every Household Should Have

The demand for healthy foods keeps increasing everyday. We have all come to realize that eating healthy foods is the best thing that we can for ourselves.


One other main factor that has driven the increase in demand for healthy foods are families. In most households parents want to have as much healthy foods as possible.


As a family union, something that is bought for consumption is usually bought while having at least 2 or 3 people in mind. For this reason we wanted to make a list of 10 healthy foods that every household should have. 


Of course, not all foods that are healthy for adults, can be healthy for children too. In fact this is one of the most problematic things when it comes to families and buying healthy foods. 


This problem stems from the fact that a growing organism and a fully grown one need different things to function properly. 


With that in mind, know that some of these entries might not be the best thing for children, or maybe might not be as ideal for the adults among us.


However what we mean by healthy foods that every household should have, is a mere series of foods that are so much healthy, everyone can gain some sort of benefit from them. 


Ezekiel Bread 


Healthy Foods, Ezekiel Bread


Bread is a bit of a controversial topic, so to speak. Many cultures eat their every meal with bread, and many others aren’t so keen when it comes to it. 


Studies show that healthy foods and sugar don’t really mix. Ezekiel Bread is a type of bread which has zero added sugars, making it a fantastic healthy option when it comes to bread.


The thing however, for which Ezekiel bread is mostly famous for, is the fact that it is sprouted bread. Sprouted bread is generally much healthier than ordinary bread. 


Sprouting is a complex topic, which needs a whole post of it’s own but as a general overview sprouting brings some chemical changes in the structure of the grains used to make the bread. 


This then makes the bread much healthier, richer with nutrients, and also adds something extra, which is the reduction of antinutrients




Healthy Foods, Broccoli


Healthy foods are almost synonymous with broccoli. That is because broccoli is truly one of the most amazing foods that we can consume. 


First of all, we have to appreciate the sheer amount of things that you can cook with broccoli. From soup, all the way down to broccoli cake. 


Did you know that one cup of broccoli contains as much vitamin C as a cup of oranges? Broccoli also contains: vitamins A, B6, B12, D, K, E, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, thiamine, etc.


And yet, on top of all those, we haven’t even begun to talk about things like antioxidants, or the fact that broccoli essentially contains zero fats. 


Broccoli is a staple of healthy foods and will probably continue to remain so for a very long while, as it has all the pros, with virtually no cons. 





Healthy Foods, Quinoa


Other than being hard to pronounce for English speaking people, Quinoa is one of the healthy foods that you truly want to introduce into your household.


This supergrain is imported from Latin America and is categorized as a flowering plant. Consumers of healthy foods from all over the world have added quinoa to their diet because of it’s amazing nutritional values.


In Quinoa you will find things like: vitamin B6, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, folate, etc.


And if you are wondering what about fibers? Rest assured, as Quinoa wouldn’t be one of the best healthy foods if it didn’t have a sufficient amount of those. 


Quinoa is also a great source of antioxidants, fatty acids, oil, and good fats. This makes Quinoa not only healthy but also a great source of energy, and a very efficient food source.


If you haven’t tasted it yet, Quinoa usually has a sweet and ‘nutty’ taste, but if you don’t cook it properly the taste can be quite a bitter one. 


Brown Rice 


Healthy Foods, Bowl Of Cooked Brown Rice


Most people view Quinoa as a healthy alternative to rice. However, we want to point out that if you’re looking for something that combines healthy foods and rice; go for brown rice. 


Brown Rice and other grains have been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease by 22% and reduce the risk of stroke by as much as 12%.


The connection that Brown Rice and cardiovascular health have is thanks to the fact that Brown Rice is rich in fibers and magnesium. Both of these help reduce the above mentioned conditions. 


Brown Rice has also been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes. Three servings of Brown Rice per day can reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 32%.


Brown Rice has all the positive that White Rice has and then some. The main takeaway being the added bonus that it effectively removes all the negatives associated with rice.



Lamb Meat  


Healthy Foods, Lamb Meat


Meat is an interesting topic in the field of nutrition. There are many people which say that meat shall never be part of healthy foods lists. You also have people who claim that meat is always healthy.


Science seems to lay somewhere in between. While not all meat is automatically healthy, some meat definitely is. For example: Lamb Meat.


Lamb Meat contains: the vitamins: B2, B3, B12, B6, K2, and small doses of E, the minerals: zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, etc.


Lamb Meat is one of the best choices when it comes to meat. With all the issues and problems that meat can cause, Lamb Meat seems to be the one that reduces these problems to a bare minimum, while providing nearly countle



Healthy Foods, Potatoes


We move on to healthy foods that aren’t controversial. Everyone loves potatoes. Most of the time we love them for the wrong reasons however. 


Mark Watnney the astronaut and main protagonist of the movie ‘The Martian’ was able to survive only with potatoes in mars. 


Of course there was a lot of Hollywood glamour to the movie, but potatoes are such a great source of food that some studies suggest you can actually live only on potatoes for at least two months


Potatoes can help you with your digestive system, they are a great source of potassium and magnesium, which in turn help your body with blood pressure regulation. 


Potatoes also can play a great helping hand in preventing disease. Like most of the previous entries potatoes are filled to the brim with antioxidants.  




Healthy Foods, Salmon


Healthy foods are usually more expensive than unhealthy ones. For example most of the time a dish of salmon will cost you more than a basic hamburger. 


However, Salmon is worth the price. First of all it is very rich with protein and has a significant amount of vitamin D within it.


One of the most impressive things about Salmon however, is the fact that among all healthy foods Salmon reigns supreme when it comes to being rich with good and necessary fatty acids such as Omega-3.


We already mentioned how you will find vitamin D, but Salmon also has a lot of vitamin A, K and E. 

There are also many studies that tie Salmon with proper brain function. Most commonly it is argued that Salmon can help improve your memory.


Kidney Beans 


Healthy Foods, Kidney Beans At A Store


First of all, I want to answer the main question when it comes to Kidney Beans: “Are they healthy for our kidneys?” Unfortunately there isn’t  clear evidence that points to Kidney Beans being especially healthy for kidneys. 


With that immense disappointment out of the way, allow us to show you why Kidney Beans are the sort of healthy foods that every family should have in their household.


Kidney beans among other things can help: cardiovascular system, people with diabetes, relieve asthma, reduce migraines, tissue repair, strengthen the bones etc.


They are also a fantastic source of anit-oxidants, and as we already know this means that kidney beans help a lot in preventing many sorts of diseases. 


There is another thing worth mentioning, as studies have shown that Kidney beans are truly part of any list of healthy foods, as they can decrease the chances of getting colon cancer.


On top of it all beans in general, and by extension Kidney Beans, are a great source of protein and have very little sugar. 


Chia Seeds 


Healthy Foods, Chia Seeds


Modern day healthy foods contain a variety of products that are imported from all over the world. One such food is the Chia Seed. 


These small black seeds pack a huge amount of nutrients and have very low levels of calories, making for a perfect food that gives you all you need without a catch. 


Nearly all the carbs within Chia Seeds are fiber and these seeds are known to cause a lot of benefits in preventing diseases as they are filled with antioxidants.


It has also been argued that Chia Seeds can help you lose weight. This is, of course, very much dependent upon your genetics, and other factors.  


Chia Seeds make for great additions to smoothies and other healthy snacks such as a fruit salad.  




Healthy Foods, Garlic


If you are looking for healthy foods to add to your diet during the day, but also need a ‘Vampire-repellent’ for later on in the night; garlic has you covered. 


Dubbed as “Nature’s Antibiotic”, Garlic is one of the few vegetables that have been used as medicine, ever since the ancient times of mankind. 


It is quite the treat to eat, especially when you have a cold, as studies show that Garlic can help a lot in combating flues and colds.


However Garlic isn’t only good for the immune system. As far as healthy foods go, Garlic tends to check all the boxes.


It helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy, helps prevent alzheimers and dementia, has been shown to improve athletic performance, has a detoxifying effect on heavy metals, and is great help for the skeletal system. 


Most people roll their eyes when it comes to garlic, due to the distinct taste that it has. However, if not consumed raw, and used in different recipes, it can be indistinguishable, and can truly add flavor to your dishes. 


Finding healthy foods is something that everyone has tried to do, at least once in their life. We hope that this list can help you choose some of the things you would want to keep in your household.