3 Best Stay At Home Kids Activities

3 Best Stay At Home Kids Activities

Remember how everybody wanted 2020 to end? As if all the horrendous things would go away, once we left the year behind. One month in, and 2021 hasn’t been a complete 180. All we can do though, is try and be positive. Maybe the 180 turn is about to come, very soon. In this blog, we discuss the 3 best stay at home kids activities.


Although the lockdown has been hard for all humans, children seem to have it worse. Their entire lifestyle changed, and without the mental maturity to understand the situation, lockdown has been devastating. 


Although dull periods of time are unavoidable, we think that there is something to be done even during lockdowns. When it comes to kids, it can be easier to find entertaining things. Today we have done just that, we have found 3 stay at home kids activities, that can be really fun and go a long way in preventing dullness. 


Stay At Home Kids Activities



1. Learning an instrument:



Daughter Learning Piano



Maybe ‘learning’ wasn’t something you had in mind when you searched for stay at home kids activities. But learning can be really fun. Instruments are hard to learn at first, but once you get going, it can be really rewarding and fun. 


Try to frame learning an instrument as a game more than a chore. Don’t pick the instrument for your child. Give small suggestions, and let them do the picking. Even if you can’t be the one teaching them, there’s practically infinite information and tutorials online, for any instrument on Earth. 


Music and instruments tho, aren’t for everyone, so we would like to suggest some alternatives too. Instead of going for an instrument, go for a new language. Stay at home kids activities that are fun, can be found even in the most educative of things. Keep an open mind and be creative.


2. Board Games:



Monopoly Board Game



If you think about it, board games are kind of a relic of the past. They belong to a time and period when smartphones were not a thing. Unlike other such things, board games have prevailed to this day. There is a good reason for that. 


Board games can be fun for the entire family. They can provide a lot of entertainment, while also being a fantastic way of bonding. You could even go as far as to try and make the experience a learning one. 


Board games are countless and there’s plenty of fun to be had with all of them. Don’t limit yourself only to board games though. That can get tiring really fast. Instead try mixing things around and also play: card games, Hide and Seek, Hangman, Simon Says, Lego, Scavenger Hunt, and every once in a while, go back to the board game of your choice. 


3. Crafting:



Kids Arts And Crafts



Crafting videos, articles, blogs, posts are endless. Maybe that’s because there is an endless amount of creativity out there. That’s half of the equation though… The other half is the fact that crafting content does well, because a lot of people are there to watch. 


The first thing we would suggest here is a time capsule. They are fun and can make for a fantastic nostalgia trip once opened. You can do anything: designing clothes, painting shoes, making paper rockets, home decorations, setting up a Christmas tree regardless of the season, making pretend-experiments like; mixing coke and mentos, and much, much more.


If crafting isn’t your thing, consider these other fun stay at home kids activities: cooking as a family and having family movie nights. Kids like to imitate adults. Keep that in mind when trying to find fun stay at home kids activities. 


Stay at home kids activities have been a life-savoir in the recent times. Maybe it would be right to even say that they have helped us keep our sanity together. Hopefully this post has given you ideas that you can use in your day to day life.