3 Best Summer Jobs In 2021

3 Best Summer Jobs In 2021

With the holidays just ahead of us, the feeling that we are about to embark on a new year has settled in. 2020 has been chaotic, stressful and downright tragic. Most people can’t wait for this year to be over, with high hopes that 2021 is about to bring better things. In this blog, we discuss the 3 best summer jobs in 2021.


One of the things that most people have faced difficulties with, during this year, has been their careers. This year was especially tough on the employment market. In hoping that 2021 will be better in that regard too, let’s review some summer jobs together.


Before we delve into the best summer jobs in 2021, let’s define summer jobs. Here we will refer to summer jobs as jobs and gigs that you can do during the summer of next year to earn a little bit extra income. As you can see these will range a lot and picking one is going to be hard. 


Summer Tech Jobs



1. Best Summer Jobs in 2021 belong to technology (probably)


One of the new and interesting things that happened this year was the ‘work from home’ phenomenon. We were all convinced that for most of us, we can work from home. In another, seemingly unrelated note, if you talk about best summer jobs in 2021, you are making a prediction about the future.


Humans are really bad at that. Maybe there is only one thing that you can predict with certainty: technology will progress. You see where this is going? It would be a rather safe bet that you can get a summer job in 2021 in the technology department. What would a job like that be?


There are two main jobs that in our opinion will be the best summer jobs in 2021 as far as technology goes:


Freelancing – You can do this type of side job starting from today. If you have a skill, there’s probably a market for it. Photography, writing, video editing, design, music, arts, social media management and so many more areas where you can offer your skills as a freelancer in exchange for some side income. 


IT Field – If you have the knowhow, there is always demand for people who can help with IT stuff. You don’t have to be an expert, most of the time, computer literacy is all you need to lend certain gigs. 



2. Tourism will be a key player for the Best Summer Jobs in 2021


Having spent 2020 being pretty much caged, you can confidently say that if things go back to normal in 2021, everybody will want a vacation come summer. Most people will find themselves in a position where they want to unravel from the occupation and everyday life of 2021, but also will feel that a vacation is super long due.


You can take advantage of this, as we believe that some of the best summer jobs in 2021 will be related to tourism. Things like:


Ice Cream Shop Summer Job



Guide – This position is a bit specific, you need to live in a place where you know a lot of people will visit. You can offer to be a tour guide for different groups of tourists. You end up helping people see the best your place has to offer, while also turning a profit.


Do keep in mind that some countries or states require a licence for you to become a legal toure guide. Try to get one if you can. This is a position that you can also get hired into and not go the solo route.


General Foods and Entertainment Labor – If our prediction of increased tourism comes true, then restaurants, amusement parks, shops and many other businesses will need a lot of workforce to meet the demand.


You can work as a bartender, ticket sailer, safety guard, waiter, or anything which suits your needs and capabilities.



Female Bartender Summer Job



3. Best Summer Jobs in 2021 will be similar to those in 2020


This might seem like a no brainer but it is worth pointing out for the fact that we get to talk about best summer jobs in general and not only about the best summer jobs in 2021.


If you are looking for a summer job we suggest that you check these two alternatives, either in preparation of summer 2021 or to get in and start working right away.


Ice Cream Seller – Now this is a position which usually has minimum wage, but the tips that come with this position make it one of the best summer jobs there is.


Camp CounselorSummer camps and camps in general will be back big time in 2021. If you like working with children, this position can be ideal for you, as most of the time it is a high paying job.


Nanny Services – People who need assistance with their children are plenty, and these needs increase a lot during the summer. See if this is something that you can do. Potentially this position also pays a ‘pretty penny’.


Swim Instructor – This one has to be one of the most reward summer jobs there is! As a private swim instructor you will be working with children and adults of all ages teaching the valuable skill of water safety. Drowning prevention is so important and teaching children how to swim also pays quite well! Not to mention, cooling off in the water on a hot day can’t hurt.


Baby Swim Lessons



As we already mentioned, trying to pick what will be the best summer jobs in 2021 can be tricky at best. However, we feel rather confident with our picks.


We believe that these recommendations can help you out in deciding what to prepare for and to look forward to for the next summer.



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