5 Best Fun Activities for Toddlers

5 Best Fun Activities for Toddlers

Fun activities for toddlers can be hard to find because of how short spanned their attention can be. Worry not though, as there are plenty of fun activities for toddlers that you can partake in and enjoy too. We have gone as far as to make a list of 5 Best fun activities for toddlers. 



1. Painting


This can be a bit of a confusing thing. What does painting mean? Well painting is a fun activity for toddlers, that’s basically all you need to know, the rest is up to your imagination.


You do basic painting, grab a blank sheet and let your toddler drown it in their creativity. Or maybe try something more interesting, painted leafs? Maybe go seasonal and paint your pumpkins during Halloween, or the decorations of your Christmas tree. 


This activity isn’t just one of the many fun activities for toddlers. It is also an activity that will help your toddler develop their creativity and abstract thinking, and sharpen their painting skills. 



2. Educational 


Now education is very important of course, and your toddler will get their school education when the time comes. However if you want to find some fun activities for toddlers that can also be educational, there are quite a few out there. 


Toddler Activities


You can try singing nursery rhymes together, try reading books to your toddler. You can play with them by trying to arrange buttons, based on their color. Gather buttons in different bowls based on what color they are. Get creative and you will see that fun activities for toddlers can be really educational without losing the key ingredient: fun. 



3. Toys


If your toddler likes their toys, you can take this to the next level by involving different games. This will be fun and enjoyable for both parents and children. 


You can use your toddler’s favorite toy for an easter egg hunt. Hide their toy somewhere in the room and have them try and find it. Take turns being the seeker. You can draw lines on a rather big cardboard, representing streets and drive your toy cars while following the lines.


Maybe go one step further and use tape to create roads and highways around your floor. Take a box, and create a hole in it then place things inside without your toddler looking, and have them guess the toy or the thing inside only by touching it. Again creativity is key here, use everyday objects to create new and exciting fun activities for toddlers.



4. Physical 


Physical activity is definitely a friendly habit that your children should definitely try and master. So why not theme your fun toddler activities around different physical activities?


First to come to mind is hopscotch. If you have a trampoline in your house, draw the lines in the trampoline and play hopscotch there. Have your toddler try and walk a straight line that you tape to the floor.



Mother With Baby


Keeping up with the jumping and tape ideas. Tape a few lines next to each other on your floor, then try and jump from one to the other without losing your balance. Go out to a lake, river or any place where you can find mud, get your hands muddy, and then place them on paper or cardboard.


Try teaching your toddler how to swim. Water activities are always fun. The idea is to have fun and be physical. Sometimes coming up with new things can be challenging and going for a walk isn’t always appealing.


If you still want to do fun activities for toddlers that are physical, just go for any old sport. Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, catch, anything will do, as long as you play with toddler rules. 



5. Entertainment and Games 


Entertainment can mean a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. If you want to find something that is entertaining for both you and your toddler, you need to find a middle ground. Different games can provide that for both of you.



Family Time



Try crafting letter airplanes together. If you don’t know how to do that just check online tutorials. Then fly them around. Use a soft ball to throw it at each other. You can also place a piece of paper on the ground and try to throw the ball on top of it. You need to choose the games you play based on the abilities and interests of your toddler. Watching a cartoon together, from time to time, can be extremely entertaining too. 


Fun activities for toddlers, are a great way to pass time with your children, especially if they belong to that age group. Even if you have older ones, they can join in and share the fun. It’s all about spending family time together.