5 Best Kid Friendly Beaches In California

5 Best Kid Friendly Beaches In California

Going to the beach for a fun day with the family is one of those choices in life that nobody finds hard making. The waves, the sun, the sand and so on… It is perfect and almost everybody loves it. Here are the 5 best kid friendly beaches in California.


When you are with family, one thing that is always a concern or at the very least a variable to consider, is the safety of the children, especially the younger ones. It can happen that this worry and concern follows parents around when going for vacation… To try and alleviate some of this worry, you can make sure to find kid friendly beaches.


If you are in California, or plan to make a beach trip there, we have conducted a list of the 5 best kid friendly beaches there to try and help you pick the right sport for your family.



1. La Jolla Shores


La Jolla Beach


Most people have the same reaction when seeing La Jolla, that reaction being: “Wow!” This picture perfect destination has a lot to offer. La Jolla Shores in particular is the best sport for families.


La Jolla Shores is definitely among some of the best kind friendly beaches. Not only does it have rather lower and softer tides, but it also has professional lifeguards. The beaches are wide and the water is shallow for relatively long distances. Once you are done swimming, the mesmerizing sand can make for perfect sandcastles.


La Jolla Shores isn’t great only for the fact that it is one of the many kid friendly beaches in the US, La Jolla Shores shines in the numerous activities that you can do as a family. Here you will find anything from kayaking to wildlife observation. It’s up to you to make



2. Santa Monica Beach


Santa Monica Beach


When talking about California beaches, most of the time Santa Monica is unavoidable. It’s pretty much the same situation when talking about kid friendly beaches. Santa Monica isn’t just a famous and beautiful, it can also make a perfect kid friendly beach for your family vacation.


With the sea being tame and with lifeguards you can definitely find time to relax and enjoy things. In Santa Monica you won’t only find yourself in safe hands while swimming. You can also go and visit the Pier Amusement Park, which is ideally for families with children.


You will find a lot of activities to do here, and most of them will be catered towards families. Having this in mind you can understand that for the most part Santa Monica Beach is the ideal kid friendly beach.



3. Zuma Beach



Zuma Beach is one of the most highly frequented beaches in the area. This can be a turn off for some people, however do take this destination into consideration. You will find Zuma Beach is quite charming.


The low tides are perfect for young ones. They get to roam around and enjoy the water, while the parents can have everything under control. Make sure you bring your boogie boards too, as the tides here are ideal for that. Of course, this wouldn’t be part of kid friendly beaches if there were no lifeguards.


Zuma Beach is the perfect place to unravel under the sun. Other than getting a tan or building sandcastle you can bear witness to daring feats of rock climbing that characterize this area.



4. Playa Del Rey


Playa Del Rey Beach


If you didn’t like the idea of crowded beaches then Playa Del Rey is the spot for you. A remote and somewhat isolated stretch of beach, Playa Del Rey rarely sees a crowd. Based on the time of the year and your luck, you will have the beach all to yourself.


The fact that Playa Del Rey is less frequented doesn’t make any less kid friendly. There are lifeguards here and the sea is quite peaceful. Playa Del Rey offers paved biking paths, volleyball courts and fire pits.


You can also trail off into the city and enjoy some of the non-sea related things that Playa Del Rey has to offer.


5. Coronado Beach


Coronado Beach


This huge beach is over 1 mile long. Just like Playa del Rey, Coronado Beach is very rarely crowded thanks to its massive size. Making this place one of the best beaches in general when it comes to kid friendly beaches.


Checking the boxes for both tame tides and lifeguard services, Coronado Beach is the place you want to be if you have a boogie board on hand. It is also the place that was chosen as the safest beach for swimming in the whole of California. You get to ride the waves, swim and have a lot of fun.


Tide pools, picnic places, fire pits and so on, make up the things that you will find here that you can use as a family. The best thing about Coronado Beach however is the water. Crystal clear and with perfect temperature, you will have a tough time leaving it.


Kid friendly beaches are a necessity for most families and the fact that there are plenty to go around is really great. In this list we have tried to include kid friendly beaches that are also fun to go to, it is important that we have safety but it is also imperative that we have fun.