5 Crafts To Do At Home For All Ages

Crafts To Do At Home For All Ages

Staying at home has been a very hard task as of late. Most people thought that the pandemic would be over in a few months. Now, nearly more than one year later, we find ourselves still at home. Without having anything in particular to do, boredom reigns supreme in the lives of many. However, in this blog, we will go over 5 crafts to do at home for all ages.


To circumvent this boredom, a lot of experts are suggesting different things. From reading books, to finding Jesus, there are many coping mechanisms out there. There is one particular thing though, that can be much easier than all else, while also being extremely fun.


We are talking about crafts. These can be a neat way of spending some quality time with the family, while being creative and fun. We have picked a few crafts to do at home, that can be fun to make or look at, for all ages. 



Self-decorated aquariums and fish tanks



Self-decorated aquariums and fish tanks


Most of the tutorials online for crafts to do at home, are precise and exact. That is a good thing when trying to replicate something that someone else made. For our first entry though, we wanted to avoid that, and leave the major part up to your imagination. 


Aquariums, fish tanks or fish aquariums, are a very neat decorative piece of equipment. If you want to add a bit of unique style to your room, desk, drawer, wardrobe or anything, think of putting an aquarium you crafted at home. 


You can use a small jar to place on top of your desk, or an actual fish tank to place in any room of your choice. If you’re not going to use actual fish, maybe go for plastic ones. Small plastic trees, stones and such could be amazing too.


Also think of adding coloring, making the water red, blue, pink or whatever you think would look good. If you want crafts to do at home that have a more exact approach, this one isn’t for you.



Decorative Rockets




4th of July Rockets


If you want crafts to do at home that have a more exact approach, the previous entry might have not done the job for you. This entry however will probably be closer. Not only do these bad boys look neat and cool, they also make one of the perfect 4th of July decorations.


Materials you’ll need: Cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel rolls work perfectly for this), straws, white glue, paper, decorations and embellishments (glitter, ribbons and such), and based on your preferences, your could need brushes and paint too.


These rockets are neat to look at and are safe. If you have children around, you know how scary pyrotechnic materials can be. For a more detailed approach on how to craft these rockets check out the main source



Edible Paint





Crafts to do at home can be really fun. That’s something you probably already know. However, what you probably didn’t expect is a combination of words, like the one above. Edible paint is probably one of the cutest crafts to do at home we’ve ever seen. 


Materials you’ll need: Flavored gelatin, yogurt, 1 bowl per color, 1 spoon per color, fruits and based on your preferences you may need a plastic cutting mat. 


To get edible paint, you will have to fill the bowl with two spoonfuls of yogurt. Followed by the flavored gelatin. The more gelatin you add, the darker the color will be, and the stronger the taste. The last step consists of adding the fruits of your choice. It’s as easy as that, and even the actual source of this craft claims so. 



Painted Shoes



Painted Shoes


Well, this entry is self explanatory. Crafts to do at home don’t have to be complicated. For this particular entry, all you need is your shoes, a brush and water painting colors. This probably will work best on white shoes. 


You can do anything you want with this method. For those among you blessed with painting talent, we highly recommend going for a Van Gogh aesthetic. Especially recommended, if you’re doing that to a pair of white shoes. 


You don’t have to try too hard though. Remember that crafts to do at home are meant to be fun, and if you’re not having fun, you’re doing them wrong. If you live with your children, include them! As these crafts are fun for the whole squad. 



Homemade Watercolors



Homemade Watercolors


If in your ‘crafts to do at home’ list you’ve added the previously mentioned craft, then this one might interest you too. Homemade Watercolors can be really fun to create as an adult. They become even more so when you do it with your kids, and then use them to paint.


Materials you’ll need: baking soda, white vinegar, cornstarch, light corn syrup, mixing bowl and spoon, half-dozen egg carton, assorted food coloring 4-pack, and popsicle stick.


With a relatively big number of materials, this might give you the idea that it’s a hard thing to craft. That isn’t the case at all. As we saw at the original poster, not only is this an easy craft, it includes a total of four steps. 


Crafts to do at home are always fun. The majority of things you find on the internet however can be mostly catered to children. At least regarding DIYs and crafts. Hopefully these will help you out if you’ve been looking for some Crafts To Do At Home For All Ages.