5 Extremely Cheap European Ski Resorts

5 Extremely Cheap European Ski Resorts


One mistake families might make when trying to find a ski resort, is believing the myth that “cheap equals bad”. Although true at times, that isn’t the norm. To prove that, we have compiled a list of 5 extremely cheap ski resorts in Europe; that you can travel to on a budget.


6000 BCE was probably an interesting year. We don’t know much about the specific years. Some archaeological findings suggest that it was right around this time, that humans first started to ski. Which makes skiing an 8000 years long tradition.  In this 


In modern days however, skiing has changed drastically. It is now an Olympic sport and a hobby that so many share. On top of that, skiing is quite the expensive activity. If you don’t happen to live in mountains, covered with snow all year, your best bet is a ski resort. It is the ski resorts that most of the time make skiing expensive. 


Things become even more pricey if you want to have a family vacation. Add in to the mix, the fact that most families desire to travel for their vacations and you are left with quite a heavy bill. Worry not though, as there is always a way.


Before we get to the list, we need to answer: “What makes a cheap ski resort?” For our purposes today, we will focus on cheap accommodation and cheap ski passes. On top of that, the entries in our list are meant to be family-friendly ski resorts. With that aside, let’s jump straight in.



5. Les Menuires, France   



Les Menuires Ski Resort


We begin our journey in France. A country which is famed for it’s amazing urban architecture, high quality wine, and delicious cheese. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, as France has a stunningly beautiful nature. The French Alps alone, might be one of the most remarkable mountains in the world.


It is in the French Alps where you will find our first cheap ski resorts; Les Menuires. Located near the Italian border, Les Menuires boasts 83 trails. At the same time it is hard to find data on the exact miles of skiing slopes. With 83 trails though, there’s definitely something for the entire family.


One-Day Skipass Prices – $50 For Children age 5-12, and $62 for Adults.

Accommodation – A family of 4 (two adults, two children) can find rooms for as cheap as $200/night. 



4. Borovets, Bulgaria



Borovets Ski Resort



This delightful place is so beloved by people, that Borovets is now one of the main ski tourism destinations, in the whole of Balkan. That’s for good reason. Borovets is located near Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which makes it very easy to get to, either by plane or by car.


Borovets has over 35 miles of ski slopes. With modern infrastructure and high levels of accessibility, this ski resort is set to be one of the most famous in the future. Although this place is trying to market itself as a youth paradise, families are more than welcomed.


One-Day Skipass Prices – For Adults: $38, For Children aged 7 to 14: $22, and Borovets has a special offer for ‘Youth’, people aged 14 to 22: $27 

Accommodation – A family of 4 (two adults, two children) can find rooms for as cheap as $42/night.



3. Zakopane, Poland



Zakopane Ski Resort



We move to Central Europe, Zakopane Ski Resort is our next entry as a cheap ski resort in Europe. Similar to France, Poland isn’t renowned for its skiing or winter tourism. That shouldn’t deter you from Zakopane. 


This place has a modest 9 miles of skiing slopes. With an elevation of 1 to 2 miles, Zakopane is the highest ski resort in the entire Poland. Located next to the ski resort, is a small traditional Polish town with the same name.


This is one of the main things that makes Zakopane a family-friendly ski resort, as you can roam around the town with your family and enjoy the Polish culture.


One-Day Skipass Prices – For adults: $37, For children: $33

Accommodation – A family of 4 (two adults, two children) can find rooms or apartments for as cheap as $57/night.



2. Poiană Brașov, Romania 



Poiană Brașov Ski Mountain



What is the first thing you think of, when you hear the word Romania? Indeed, Dracula is a fascinating character, but Romania has much more to offer. A place of culture, nature and steady economic growth, Romania is a must see European country. 


We have a cheap ski resort in Romania for you to see. Poiană Brașov has a little over 8 miles of slopes. The slopes mostly favor the extreme, with the majority of them being suited either for beginners or experts. However, there are some moderate slopes to be found here too. 


One-Day Skipass Prices – For adults: $37, For children aged 6-12: $21

Accommodation – A family of 4 (two adults, two children) can find rooms or apartments for as cheap as $120/night.



1. The Sunny Hill, North Macedonia 



The Sunny Hill Ski Mountain



The Sunny Hill, or ‘Popova Sapka’ as the Macedonian majority calls it, or ‘Kodra e Diellit’ as the Albanian minority who lives in the area calls it (I can’t ever understand why tensions are always high in Balkans) is one hidden gem of winter tourism.  


By looking at this picture taken by the photographer Nexhbedin Haliti, you can begin to understand why this cheap ski resort is named The Sunny Hill.


The 12 miles of slopes that this place has to offer, are totally unexplored by tourists. North Macedonia itself, is also an extremely cheap destination.


One-Day Skipass Prices – For adults: $19, For children under 14: $11

Accommodation – A family of 4 (two adults, two children) can find rooms or apartments for as cheap as $55/night.


Cheap ski resorts are hard to come by, and the few remaining ones are being shut down more and more. This due to the effect of global warming, and many other factors. By finding these cheap and family friendly ski resorts, we hope that we have made things easier for your next family vacations.