8 Extremely Stylish Swim Trunks

Model Surfing And Showing Off His Swim Trunks

Coming up with a list of stylish swim trunks for men felt like the right thing to do for us, after doing similar lists for women’s swimwear and swimsuits.


Today we take a look at some of the most stylish swim trunks as we are edging closer and closer to the summer. 


Swim trunks, and especially stylish ones, can make a huge difference in how you are perceived by others. 


Although you should definitely chose swim trunks that make you feel comfortable and feel good about yourself, having others turn their head around is a welcomed bonus. 


Making a list like this can be challenging for a number of reasons. Just like our previous lists, it is unavoidable that some of our biases will show here.


Since style is something very subjective, and everyone has their own ideas about what isn’t and is stylish, we want to make it clear that these picks are based on our opinions. 


As cool as it would be, we are not fashion experts, and our advice is based solely on our feelings, opinions and mostly preferences. 


Keep that in mind as you browse through our picks and remember to go all the way to the end, because if you don’t like the first few of our swim trunks, maybe you’ll like something closer to the end. 


WavingSpark Mens Swim Trunks


Black Swim Trunks For Men


Our first pick for most stylish swim trunks for men, is one with a somewhat bland and simplistic design. The black color is also something that isn’t quite the eye catcher.


This combination of simple things works perfectly here, as it all blends in together seamlessly and creates a truly nice look. 


The small, white anchors spread throughout the swim trunks is also a nice touch, which gives a sea vibe that one can almost touch. 

MaaMgic 80s 90s Vintage Swim Trunks 


Vintage Swim Trunks For Men


This next entry is sort of similar to the first one, as it is black and has small drawings or logos spread throughout it. 


With this pair of swim trunks though, there is more color than previously. Here we see small bits of yellow, orange, red and green.


We are in love with the aesthetic of this one. The palm trees, and cactuses give a vibe that feels like it belongs to the sea, but yet somehow it isn’t quite rightfully so. 


SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks


Pink Swim Trunks For Men


Now we will begin to lose some of you right about here. Being a fan of eye catching colors is a very dividing thing. Some people hate it, some other’s (us for example) quite fancy it.


Although such colors wouldn’t go well on everything, swim trunks are meant to be eye catchy and have such ‘out there’ colors.


There is a caveat that a lot of people think as pink being girlish and that can be a breaking point for some, but we believe that these trunks shouldn’t be ignored, regardless of all that. 


MaaMgic Mens Swim Trunks Entry 2

Pink Swim Trunks For Men With Yellow Bananas


Yet again we have another pink entry. And, it is from the same seller. It isn’t just that we like the color here though.


The combination of the pink and the yellow of the bananas just seems so perfect. It is one of those things that when you see, you think to yourself: “How did I not think of that?”


The good thing is that here you can find many variants of these swim trunks, so feel free to browse some of these, as you might like something other than these pink ones. 


MaaMgic Mens Swim Trunks 9″ with Mesh Lining


Black And Colorful Swim Trunks For Men


MaaMgic isn’t a sponsor of ours. Let us begin by saying that. This entry, we go back to the color black, one of the most beloved colors when it comes to fashion.


Yet again here, we have an ocean and sea vibe thanks to the things that are plastered throughout the trunks, namely the sharks. 


This one does a great job of including more colors than just black too. However, by reducing them to being only the color of the small sharks, the whole aesthetic is still very black. 


yuyangdpb Men’s 5″ Short Swim Trunks


Green Swim Trunks For Men


We move away from black and pink, to land on green. If we had to pick one word to describe these trunks we would choose the word “badass”. 


They have this aura about them, it feels as if they are made only for cool people, or maybe they make people cool if you wear them. 


Either way we suggest you give these a look. If you like the style but aren’t so fond of the color, we are happy to say that this seller has many different versions, with different colors. 


Cogild Mens Swim Trunks


Black Swim Trunks For Men With Flamingos


Once again we return to designs that are either black of pink. This time we got both colors in one. The pink flamingos are a more than welcomed addition.


This contrast of balck and pink works well here, but the best part is that it is not your usual design. There are more things to see here than just some animals placed randomly across the trunks. 


There are more variants from this seller, on this listing, but they are pretty much completely unrelated to each other. Maybe check them out if you really didn’t like the ones shown here. 


Quiksilver Men’s Highline Kaimana Swim Trunks


Light Blue Swim Trunks For Men


For our last entry we wanted to show you something simple again. This time we also wanted to go away from both black and pink. 


The ocean-like, light, blue color of these trunks is quite a beautiful one. Going back to what we said about swim trunks and how these colors work with them, we believe this entry to be a truly worthy one.


There is beauty in simplicity and these trunks prove that. If you want another color, make sure to check the other variants from this seller, as they do offer that. 


Making a list about stuff that you usually buy when going on vacation, has provided some catharsis for us.


Being locked down, and in the midst of a pandemic, it is quite healthy to occupy our minds in some escapism like this, from time to time.