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Adult swim lessons with instaswim

It's Time To Get Into The Water!

InstaSwim offers adult swim lessons for all ages in major cities across the US. Learning the basic life saving skills as well as building your comfortability in the water is crucial to help prevent accidental injury or death.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Take Less Lessons

We believe in a private at home swim lesson setting, you can learn to swim much faster in less lessons, than taking lessons at a traditional swim school.​

Save More money

Not only do we offer the best rates in the business, but with our adult swim lesson program, we can guarantee that you will save more money by going with InstaSwim compared to any other swim school.

Get Better Results

InstaSwim private at home swim lessons for adults program will cut the learning curve in half! We understand your needs and concerns. That’s why our InstaSwim instructors teaching methods will produce the fastest results in less time.

What We Offer

InstaSwim makes it easy to fit private at home swim lessons for adults into your busy schedule. Our swim instructors are able to work around a schedule that fits your needs.


Once you are matched with your InstaSwim swim instructor, you will then be able to communicate a schedule for private at home swim lessons for adults with your instructor directly.


This is an experience that is beneficial to adults and their families. Each private at home swim lesson for adults are always filled with value, care and fun! We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience!

Why Adults Should take private at home swim lessons

As an adult, you are always worried with the fears of something terrible happening when swimming. You may of tried many different swim schools but have not been satisfied with the results.


Here at InstaSwim, we believe that learning in a private setting in the comfort of your own pool, will cut your learning curve in half, to produce the best results in less lessons.


Your InstaSwim swim instructor can make this process efficient, convenient, and fun! This style of learning can help bring up your confidence and awareness, as well as your ability to save your own life in the event of a water related-accident. Book your adult swim lessons today

How It Works


Registration is fast and easy! Submit your registration and we will connect you with the right swim instructor!


Once we process your registration, your swim instructor will contact you for scheduling.

Start Learning

When scheduling is setup, you are ready to start lessons with InstaSwim!

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