Are Private Swim Lessons Worth It?

Are Private Swim Lessons Worth It

In a parallel universe our planet is called ‘Water’, and probably the surface of that planet is made up of mostly dirt and only ¼ water. In our universe however, things are different, we live on a planet that is mostly water. This is a good enough reason for anyone to decide to learn swimming. This leads to the main question in this blog, are private swim lessons worth it?


Swimming is great as a hobby. It keeps you healthy and clean… Unless it’s a children’s swimming pool… It would be wrong however, to treat swimming as just that. Something that we do for fun, when we have free time.


Swimming is definitely a must-have skill for everyone, it can literally save your life and others. Around 20% of Americans say they can’t swim at all, and about 56% of us can’t swim properly and safely. These numbers are scary. In a life or death situation, proper swimming technique can be as crucial as CPR. 


With that in mind, we know swimming is more than a sport and definitely more than a hobby. So how do you master it? Never, no matter, never ever try to learn how to swim on your own, that can lead to catastrophic accidents. Learning with a friend who knows how to swim is better.


Private Swim Lessons


The best way to learn something though, is to copy professionals, or even better to have them teach you. Michael Phelps is probably busy trying to perform reverse magic! If magic is walking on water, Michael Phelps will swim on land.


That or win another Gold Medal… Either way he is busy and can’t teach you. Don’t be discouraged though, you still have the best option to consider: Private Swim Lessons. If you agree about the significance of swimming, allow me to prove it to you that the significance of private swim lessons is just as grand and completely worth it.


The Pros of Private Swim Lessons





The 56% statistic mentioned above is the problematic part. People who don’t know how to swim are aware of that and try to stay away from situations where swimming is key. On the other hand people who think they can swim, can unwillingly cause great damage.


Private swimming lessons will help you avoid being that. You will learn proper technique and, most importantly you will learn how to keep yourself and others safe while swimming. 




The proper technique of swimming can seem like art to the untrained eye, but an expert will tell you that it is all science. You can meet such an expert while, for example, taking private swim lessons. The techniques taught in private swim lessons are techniques that even a relatively experienced swimmer can learn and benefit from.


Such seemingly small things can even impact the health benefits from swimming. Improper technique, on the other hand, can lead to major injuries. Godforbid having such things happen while in deep water.


Best first step


When trying to learn something new, the thing you don’t want the least is detrimental first steps. If you learn something in a wrong manner, it is going to be so hard to unlearn it. Private swim lessons will help you make sure you don’t make this mistake. A professional will teach you the right things, in the right way. 


Everybody can learn


I have seen people sink like rocks when trying to swim. The way they would fail at swimming would give me the idea that they were doing it on purpose. It was as if they were made of rocks. The same people have walked out of private swim lessons with the ability to swim like a fish.


As we mentioned earlier, not only will these private lessons teach people who can’t swim at all, they can also be very beneficial for people who have a gist of swimming and even people beyond that. 


These are just a few arbitrarily picked reasons why private swim lessons are not only worth it, but also necessary. Swimming is a great deal of fun, and you should all learn it. If not for that, then for the other reason we mentioned. 



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