Back To School Season Has Begun, What Happens To Swim Lessons Now?

Back To School Written In A Black Board

With the back to school season fully on, there are a lot of things going through the minds of all parents. This is especially true for the 2021 back to school season.


We are just now taking our first steps away from a global pandemic. Online schooling has been a challenging task for everyone involved, and seemingly everyone is happy to go back to some sort of normalcy.


The truth is that this new worry is just an addition to the old things that a parent would consider every year. 


We would like to help ease your worries and maybe answer your questions about one of these old recurring things. What happens to swim lessons when children go back to school?


This can be a very tricky question to answer, but we are here to do just that. If you’ve been planning on getting swim lessons for your children, and things didn’t pan out during the summer, you might be reasonably concerned. 


Is it too late to register for swim lessons now that children are back to school? The short answer is no! However, there is more to it. 


Back To School Season Marks The End Of The Swim Season… Right?

Beach Ball On Top Of Water


A lot of people have probably heard or can assume that the end of the summer is usually also the end of the season for swim lessons. 


That is true to an extent. Especially if you live in colder states, or in states that experience all the seasons. But that can be circumvented very easily, think heated, in-door pools.


Then you also must take into account the states where the weather never goes very low. The conditions can be optimal for swim lessons all year round.


So the idea that swim lessons cannot take place other than in summer is a myth. Even if you don’t have access to a heated pool, a lot of schools can offer that for you. You just need to look at the right places.


If you are willing to register your children for swim lessons right now, you are not too late by any means. You can register today and get to swimming relatively fast. 


Should I Register My Children for Swim Lessons Now That They’re Back To School?


Two Children Having Swim Lessons


Considering that we already know that it isn’t too late to start swim lessons, the next logical question is should you?


The last thing a reasonable parent would want to do is overwhelm their children with activities. School is hard enough on its own, could swim lessons be too much?


To find the answer to that, we need to examine what swim lessons are and how they work. In figuring that out we can deduce whether school and swim lessons go well together. 


With the right instructor and the right school, swim lessons become more of a recreational activity than anything else. Especially if we’re talking about pre-teens. 


Add to this the numerous benefits of swimming and you can very easily see why swimming lessons during the back to school season actually make a good idea. 


Study after study prove the health benefits of swimming. For example, we picked a study published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”.


Among many other benefits, one that is relevant to our cause too was the finding that swimming is beneficial for humans all throughout their life.


Connect that to the fact that swimming lessons and learning to swim is the number one prevention means to all drowning related incidents and you can see a fuller picture. 


It is always a good idea to go for swimming lessons being on or off the season, and your children can get all the amazing benefits of swimming even if they are already back to school. 


Things To Avoid When Doing Swim Lessons During The Back To School Season


Child Swimming In Cold Water


With all the great things that swimming provides, there is a reason why most people choose to get their lessons during the late spring and summer months.


The number one thing you want to avoid is doing lessons on cold weather. It is better to wait until you can find a suitable swimming pool than to have lessons in a pool that isn’t heated.


This might come off as a no-brainer, but we see this mistake happen a lot of times. It is mostly driven by a desire to do good. Unfortunately, this desire can sometimes do more harm than good.


If you can afford it, also avoid group lessons. The quality of the lessons diminishes significantly if we are talking about group lessons. There is only so much an instructor can teach to 10 children at once.


Private lessons are your best bet! Not only do they provide crazy value for your buck, but they also don’t lead to a false sense of security. 


Sending your children to group lessons a few times a week can lead to a false sense of security in that you may believe they have progressed far beyond their actual progress. 


With all this being said, let us give you the short answer once again: with children going back to school it isn’t too late to register for lessons today!