3 Benefits Of Homeschooling During COVID That You Probably Didn’t Think Of 

Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid

“Find the good in the bad”, feels like the most false statement ever. For example, try and find  benefits of homeschooling during Covid. Is there even such a thing?


No other things in our lifetime have thrown our lives out of loop like the Covid pandemic. One of the main contributing factors to this has definitely been switching to home-schooling and working from home.


Unsurprisingly, both of these phenomena have had a major impact on parents. First and foremost, there has been a direct impact of working from home. 


It can be quite a hassle to find a quiet and decent place to work in, if you have, say, a toddler running around, decapitating imaginary dragons, all while avoiding the floor, because of course, the floor is lava. 


As if that wasn’t enough, parents have had to make sure that their children also continue their schooling from within the 4 walls of the house. 


Taking all this into consideration, it is not very hard to imagine that most parents would scoff at you, if you mentioned the benefits of homeschooling during Covid. 


Believe it or not however, there are many benefits of homeschooling during Covid, and we have picked a few to share with you today. 


Digital Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid


Digital Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid



A huge issue that modern parents face is the huge amount of screen time that their children are subjected to on a daily basis.


Although there are no studies to show that there are some terrifying side-effects of this, the problem is we don’t really know, as this is the first generation to face this.


Of course, any reasonable parent will tell you that too much screen time isn’t a good thing in any way shape or form. 


Homeschooling during Covid has increased the amount of time that children spend in front of screens and this can be a scary thing for a lot of parents. 


However, what a lot of people neglect when discussing this aspect of homeschooling is the greater picture of what the children are actually doing when having lessons online. 


Whether we agree with it or not, as of today everything is becoming more and more digital and electronics are becoming an unavoidable necessity. 


In the very near future, there will be nearly no jobs that one can fulfill without having a healthy dose of tech savvy capabilities. 


At first glance, you may think that all children nowadays are good with devices, and that spending more time on those devices won’t make a huge difference.


That’s precisely the mistake a lot of people make, while assuming. The fact that a 3 year old can use an electronic device doesn’t necessarily say so much about the child. 


For example, our phones are so well-designed that both a toddler and a senior citizen can use them with relative ease. That shows the ingenuity of the engineers who designed the device. 


It is one thing to know how to download an app, but it is a whole different thing to know how to use a computer for work purposes. 


Although not quite rocket science, you’d be amazed at the amount of young people who don’t have the slightest idea on how most work related software works. 


Another of the digital benefits of homeschooling during Covid could be considered the fact that now everyone is capable of setting and attending online meetings and seminars. 


Familial Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid


Familial Benefits Of Home Schooling During Covid



This is one of the most heartbreaking benefits of homeschooling during Covid. If you’ll pardon the pretentious tones that this topic can bring forward, allow us to talk about ‘society’ for a bit…


Our lives have been becoming more and more busy. While we have to work harder than ever to make ends meet, we can barely find time for the things we love and are passionate about.


Some people are lucky enough to have a job that is their passion. Some people work as writers under amazing employers (cough, cough), and others aren’t as fortunate.


Regardless of where you fall in that, one thing that is true across borders and professions, is the fact that we are spending less and less time with each other. 


It is especially painful if you are a parent, where spending time with your children can be something that you have to schedule for. 


One of the main benefits of homeschooling during Covid has been the bringing together of families, to spend time together like never before. 


It can also be said, at least anecdotally, that there is a lot of happiness and pride to be found in seeing your kids advance, overcome and become better right in front of you. 


The profound nature of seeing our children grow right in front of us, has never been more on the nose, than now that they are conquering school issues right there in front of us. 


Ecological Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid


Ecological Benefits Of Homeschooling During Covid



The benefits of homeschooling during Covid have been so great that in specific settings they can exceed personal benefits and become a source of the greater good. 


Specifically that greater good being the health and longevity of our planet. There was an estimated 2.4 billion ton decline of CO2 emission during the 2020 year. 


One of the main driving factors behind this decline has been driving. Yes, thanks to homeschooling and thanks to working from home we have been driving less. 


The biggest contributors have been the factories that had to close, but the fact that most parents didn’t use their cars for prolonged periods of time has also played a key role in this amazing decline. 


At the end of the day, we need to make sure that we are tackling issues like global warming in the best way we can. 


It is important that we leave a healthy and habitable planet to our children. Otherwise, everything else we leave behind would be pointless and useless. 


Benefits of homeschooling during Covid are numerous and these three mentioned above only scratch the surface of the iceberg that benefits of homeschooling during Covid represent. 


If you are still concerned about the screen time of your kids, we recommend checking our picks for the most fun screen free activities for kids


Counting the benefits of homeschooling during Covid has been a fun experience for us, especially now that we are slowly leaving homeschooling behind and returning to traditional schooling. 


It is fun to look back and see the positive in what we experienced. Maybe, later down the road we will even miss the days of quarantine.