Best Exercises for Swimmers to Improve Ankle Flexibility

Best Exercises for Swimmers

Improving ankle flexibility with the best exercises for swimmers can significantly benefit the swim. The ankle’s joint flexibility and muscular elasticity play an important role in developing the correct mechanism for a swim stroke. You’re more prone to get the classic calf cramp if you don’t have these crucial ankle mechanics. Ankles serve as anchors when there is insufficient plantar flexion or the capacity to point the foot and toes downward.


Without practising the below-mentioned best exercises for swimmers to improve ankle flexibility, you will have to put more effort into your knees and hips, resulting in a less effective kick because your body will be working harder. Take a look at the following ankle flexibility exercises to improve the flexibility of your ankle:


Jump rope:


Jumping rope can help you greatly in improving your ankle’s flexibility. Actually, it helps with ankle flexibility and stability, which lowers the risk of injury during swimming and regular activities like running and walking. Rope jumping activity is one of the best exercises for swimmers, as by doing this for twenty minutes, you can burn up to 160 calories. So if you want to lose weight, then include swimming in your training regime before jumping into the pool to finish your laps.  


Ankle flexion:


This activity is easy and is considered among the best exercises for swimmers that you can perform without a resistance band, towel, or other equipment. You need to sit on the floor with your toes pointing out and insert an object, preferably something soft and round that won’t restrict movement, just below your ankle. If none of the above mentioned items are available, you can begin with your toes pointing straight ahead and slowly bring them to point towards you. If a resistance band is available, you can do the same activity to improve your ankle’s flexibility.


Standing calf stretch:


This is one of the best exercises for swimmers, which is extremely convenient to perform anywhere. Whether you are at home or at the pool, you can easily find or make a stop nearby. If you are not in a feasible situation, you can still perform this activity with the aid of the step. The secret is to move slowly and deliberately so that you can feel the stretch at both the top and bottom of the movement.


Kneeling ankle stretch:


This ankle flexibility exercise appears to be much more painful than it actually is. You must first kneel on the floor to enter this position. After that, put your hands behind you for stability. Then, while maintaining a straight back, lift your knees off the ground and push off the ground your bum to stand up.


Deep squat holds:


Deep squatting is one of the best exercises for swimmers to work and improve the flexibility of their ankles. To perform it securely, follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • You can begin by standing straight, engaging your glutes and core, and extending your hand in front of you for balance.
  • Next, start lowering yourself into a deep squat while keeping your spine neutral.
  • Permit your torso to forward slant.
  • Hold your position from 30 to 60 seconds after you have reached the bottom of the squat. Repeat these steps at least three times.


Swim using fins:


If worn properly, swim fins can be very beneficial in improving your ankle’s mobility. You can take advantage of this swimming aid by utilising it while you are doing the vertical kicking. It adds additional resistance because of its vast surface, which makes you use more ankle effort to kick through the water.




This is among the best exercises for swimmers to increase their ankle mobility. You can perform inchworm activity as stated below:


  • To start, stand straight up with your feet.
  • Bend at the hips and reach the ground while keeping your spine neutral and your back straight.
  • Once you are in plank position, walk your hand out in front of you again.
  • Walk back in with your hands and stand straight.
  • You can repeat this activity ten times.


After performing the above-mentioned best exercises for swimmers, you can discover that you can swim faster and more efficiently by lowering the drag force you produce. Of course, doing this alone won’t help you become as good as your swimming heroes. To fully perfect your form and quicken your pace as you go, don’t forget to do your kicking drills and practice the best exercises for swimmers. You should also know the safety tips to be followed while swimming. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect!