3 Most Complex Swimming Styles

3 Most Complex Swimming Styles

Complex swimming styles can be on high demand at certain times. People flock into swimming lessons wanting to learn a new skill and thus they have interesting expectations.


More often than not, we have students who come in expecting to go from ‘not being able to swim at all’ to performing some of the most complex swimming styles in just a handful of lessons. 


These very, very unrealistic expectations can be hard to overcome. Especially if you already have a bit of a misunderstanding about all things swimming related. 


The Dunning Krueger effect is strong with swim lessons and with the expectations people have about them. However, complex swimming styles are hard to master.  


But there is a considerable demand for learning complex swimming styles. That is to be expected, as learning something complex can be really satisfying.


There are also plenty of benefits to be found in learning more advanced and more complex swimming styles and techniques. 


The main benefit among them all being the health aspect. Some of the swimming styles that are complicated also are amazing to burn fat and help keep one’s weight in balance. 


On top of that, we cannot overestimate how wonderfully amazing swimming can be for the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. 


Should I Learn Complex Swimming Styles?


Should I Learn Complex Swimming Styles


Since learning complex swimming styles is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort, you might be wondering if it is worth doing so.


The answer to that depends a lot on who you are as a person. However, we would argue that it is worth it for anyone to learn at least one of the many complex swimming styles. 


There reason for that can be related to the above mentioned health benefits. The journey there is going to be something that will benefit you a lot. 


It can also be argued that your progress will have a positive impact on your mental well being. It is great to see that you are getting better and better at something.


Such occurrences can help boost your confidence, not only about your aquatic skills but also boost your general confidence and self-esteem. 


Last but not least, learning one of the many complex swimming styles out there can help give you a better and stronger discipline. 


As you probably know, discipline is a sort of muscle that you can grow and cultivate to become bigger and better, simply by using it.


Without further adieu, here are, in no particular order, what we believe to be the 3 most complex swimming styles, based on the calories they burn and based on the difficulty people face in learning them. 




Breaststroke is one of the most complex swimming styles


What is probably the most nutritiously hard to perform stroke in all of swimming. The breaststroke can be one truly fatiguing task to finish.  


The breaststroke however is also considered to be one of the most enjoyable strokes to perform too. It is the first choice for many swimmers. 


The thing about the breaststroke is that it isn’t necessarily complicated to learn. What makes it complex is the amount of energy it requires to perform.


The breaststroke can be mastered relatively quickly, especially if you are taking high quality swim lessons to help with your progress. 




Butterfly is one Of the Most Complex Swimming Styles


No list like the one we are compiling today would be complete without mentioning the butterfly stroke.


Among all the complex swimming styles, the butterfly is the stroke which combines both aspects of complexity when it comes to learning and performing it. 


The first thing that you will notice will be how much coordination and focus is needed for someone to perform this stroke. It will take you a while to fully master this stroke, that is to be expected. 


Once you do master it, you will immediately be able to tell how demanding the butterfly stroke can be. This swimming stroke makes for a great calorie burner. 




Backstroke is one of the most Complex Swimming Styles


You could argue that the backstroke isn’t very complicated. But before you jump into conclusion, hear us out about this one. 


The fact that makes the backstroke one of the most complex swimming strokes is the fact that the backstroke can represent the opposite of everything you’ve learned. 


You will have to perform the usual movements with your feet, legs, arms and hands, but this time around you are on your back and everything seems to be upside down. 


Swim instructors often report that the hardest part about teaching the backstroke is teaching the student to let go of previous lessons to an extent, and fully grasp this new way of moving or swimming. 


Do you think you could master any of these complex swimming styles? A lot of people do think so in the beginning, only to be drastically disappointed by the results. 


By no means do we say this to discourage you. View this as a factor to motivate you. Take all the time and lessons you need, to be above the average and learn one of these complex swimming styles.