Dolphin Kick: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Dolphin Kick

The dolphin kick combines timing, skill, and flexibility that many swimmers use throughout their races. We know that developing your dolphin kick can be challenging, particularly for beginners, so here are tips to assist you!


1. Getting ready before going into the water:


Step 1: Exercise on a dry surface: 


Before entering the water, it’s beneficial to contact yourself on the surface where you are usually the most at ease moving.


  • Start by standing straight, feet hip distance between.
  • Focus solely on your breath by shutting your eyes.
  • It might be beneficial to tighten your throat when exhaling.
  • Take around ten breaths.


Step 2: Slowly warm up your body: 


If you genuinely learn how to dolphin kick, you should not ignore your core. While it may appear that your quadriceps and legs generally create all the power, your body also plays a significant role. Consider the subsequent workout progression:


  • Begin by standing straight, feet hip distance between.
  • Roll shoulders back for some time.
  • Pull in your upper ribs.
  • Ensure that your tailbone is facing directly downward.


Step 3: Exercise the body roll: 


Now that you know your breath and core, try exercising while standing straight. Imagine a wave going through your body and then duplicate it.


Step 4: Take friend’s assistance:


You can identify your strengths and shortcomings by having someone else observe you as you practice. Are you aware of any individuals that routinely swim? They could even be wiser because they’ll know exactly how the body should move when doing specific actions.


2.Excising in the water:


Step 1: Take laps in the water:


Begin by swimming in the water as you usually would to warm up your body. Get familiar with floating in the water instead of on land.


Step 2: Practice body rolling standing straight in the swimming pool:


Firstly, stand straight in the swimming pool and practice the same body roll movement as we discussed earlier when you perform on dry land.


Step 3: Turn over your stomach in the swimming water and perform the undulation method again.


Here are various methods of doing it:


  • Down your belly with your head parallel to your torso. Keep your face turned downward.
  • Maintain a straight line with your legs and feet while aiming your toes toward the edge of the pool.
  • Put your chest down, and then let it go.
  • At the exact moment, push your hips downward; then, let them go.
  • Push the chest down as soon as your hips are released. Restart the sequence. 


Step 4: Allow your hips and legs to move together:


For perfect Dolphin Kick methods, your legs must move in sync with your hips.


  • Your hips should go down first, then your legs. This movement should be performed with slightly bent knees.
  • When you lift your legs, they should do the same. The knees are now extended.
  • Apply some force and then make the kick.


Step 5: Try exercising initially on your back If practicing on your stomach seems too challenging. 


If you are having trouble using your dolphin kick methods, try rolling over onto your back. They usually go more smoothly when you practice dolphin kicks on your back. This enables you to keep your core tight and continue pushing your body.


3.Present dolphin kick: 


Step 1: Lift your chest back after pushing it a couple of inches into the water. Constantly try to do dolphin kick-related movements in a flowing manner.


Step 2: Relax your hips after pushing them into the swimming water. Your hips should slide lower, followed by your thighs. 


Step 3: Keep your legs straight while raising your hips. You should keep your legs straight and whip your arms as your hips rise.


Step 4: Allow your hips to lift your upper legs. Permit your upper legs to go upwards in sync with your rising hips. Then restart the process.


Step 5: Continue to move your feet. People commonly do dolphin kicks with a lot of rigidity. Prevent jerky motions and downward kicks that break suddenly.


  • Start pushing your feet upward again after you’ve done moving them downward.
  • Keep in mind that the kicks have to be fluid and smooth. 


If you are facing complications in practicing the proper motion in dolphin kick swimming, you can watch dolphin kick youtube videos or you can take adult swimming lessons to master the dolphin kick and other types of swimming strokes. Visit InstaSwim for all types of swimming lessons!