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Please read through our policies carefully!


You are not locked in with us yet, your registration is just a submission from you to InstaSwim so that we can search for availability in your area, and match you with one of our Swim Instructors. This process takes about 1-3 days.


You were also sent an automated email that goes over pricing/packages as well as other helpful information.


If you have any questions regarding swim lessons or our policies please call or email us!

Our Policies





All cancellations for swim lessons must be made at a minimum of 12 hours in advance. You are required to contact your instructor for all cancellations. If your Instructor arrives at your location without cancellation notice, you will be charged a $25 late cancellation fee. Our instructors have BUSY schedules and have other clients to service, please reach out to your instructor to cancel ASAP to avoid the late fee.




All rescheduling for lessons must be made atleast 12 hours in advance. Rescheduling will be conducted between you and your instructor. If for some reason the lesson was ended early, the amount of minutes left in that lesson can be made up in another lesson. You can discuss and work it out with your instructor.




InstaSwim offers a full money back guarantee on your swim lesson package if you are not satisfied with your first lesson. You will be charged for the lessons you complete after your first lesson. You will be refunded for the lessons not completed with your instructor. The amount you recieve back will be correlated with what package you paid for.


We DO NOT refund any registration fees! All registration fees that you pay go to the time, money, and resources that are team spends to search availability for your swim lessons, regardless if you complete lessons with us or not.




Swim lessons will be cancelled if there is severe weather such as thunder, lightning or heavy rain. Our instructors are well aware of this policy and will cancel if they deem necessary. If you have to cancel due to bad weather, you must contact your instructor to do so! Failure to do so, may result in a completed lesson out of your package.




After registration and you finalize a schedule for lessons with your instructor, you will be sent an invoice to pay for what lesson package you chose on your registration. Payment is due atleast 5 days before your first swim lesson. If you wish to pay earlier, that is totally okay! If you fail to pay for your lesson package within 5 days of your first swim lesson, you will be charged a $25 late payment fee. If you are not able to pay the full amount within 5 days of your first lesson or have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.


You are NOT to pay our instructors! If you wish to provide a tip at the end of lessons that is okay. We pay our instructors directly. If for some reason you did not receive an invoice from InstaSwim LLC, you must contact our office and we will send one to you.


If you wish to upgrade your lesson package from a 6 lesson package to a 12 lesson package, you will will have to contact our office via email or call our office at 888-610-2656. We will send you another invoice with the remaining cost for the package you want. Payment must be complete before you continue lessons with your instructor.


If you wish to downgrade your package from a 12 lesson package to a 6 lesson package, please contact our office via email or call our office at 888-610-2656.


If you registered for swim lessons as a group with other moms or friends and for some reason the other students in the group did not show up for lessons that day, you can reschedule for lessons with your instructor for a day and time that ALL students can be present. If you wish to continue to do a lesson anyway, you WILL NOT be refunded for that particular lesson as we do not price are lessons based off of amount of students.


If you are using a public pool for swim lessons, and that pool charges any entrance fees, you are required to cover ALL entrance fees!


Our Instructors:


Our swim instructors are 1099 contractors. They are not employees of InstaSwim. They are fully independent and responsible for handling, scheduling, training, working, and communicating with their clients and students to the best of their ability. All of our instructors are carefully screened, background checked, insured, and certified in CPR/First Aid.


Our instructors may be working on behalf of InstaSwim, but again, they are independent contractors and they act on their own will and perform in their own individual ways. We have policies and rules in place that our instructors are required to follow for the protection and safety of all individuals present. If for some reason things are not working out with your instructor, you can contact our office and we will switch out your instructor with a better fitted instructor for you.




If more than 1 student is taking lessons as a group, all other students that are not working with the instructor and are waiting for their turn, must sit down at the side of the pool or away from the pool area and are required to wear a floating device (puddle jumper or swimmies) until it is their turn to be taught.


We require at least 1 parent or guardian to watch over the students in the pool while lessons are in progress. 


This is for the students safety and to prevent accidents from happening. Our instructors will enforce this rule every lesson.


InstaSwim and our instructors are only liable and responsible for the safety and well being of the students/participants that signed up for swim lessons in the registration. If there are other individuals in the pool or pool area while lessons are in progress, we kindly ask that they exit the pool or pool area so that all focus can be on the swim lesson.


This is for safety reasons. If lessons are being conducted at a public/community pool, InstaSwim and our instructors are again only responsible for the students that signed up in the registration. We are not responsible and will not be held liable for any accidents that occur to any individuals that are not listed in the registration.


If any accident or injury were to ever occur during swim lessons, our instructor is required to report this to you as the client, and to InstaSwim LLC. No matter how big or small the accident or injury, all must be recorded on an injury report in writing and reported to the client and InstaSwim LLC.


InstaSwim and our instructors are only responsible for swim instruction related services to individuals/participants who signed up in the registration.


If any participants (students) have a medical concern including but not limited to (epilepsy, seizures, allergic reactions etc.) of any sort, you are required to identify, and explain what the medical concern is of said participant/s to your instructor AND how to handle a situation if there was ever a medical emergency.


InstaSwim and your instructor will be held responsible for any medical related occurrence, accident or emergency. InstaSwim and your instructor are only responsible for keeping the participants that signed up in the registration safe while performing swim instruction.


If any of our disclaimers or policies explained above were to not be followed, the instructor and InstaSwim will not be held liable for any accidents that occur to students or surrounding individuals, as you failed to follow our strict guidelines and policy.


By paying for our services and signing at the bottom, you are confirming that you agree and will comply with our company policies.


InstaSwim LLC

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