Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids During COVID

Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids During COVID

Ever since the pandemic started, it feels that even our dictionary has changed. The word ‘fun’ has been replaced with ‘Covid’. The more time passes by, the more this feels true. If you are a parent, this is twice as bad. You can feel it for yourself, and you can even see it in your kids. In this blog we discuss fun activities to do with your kids during COVID.


There are ways to circumvent this of course. Keeping things fresh and fun is key. However, that can be a daunting task. As surviving a pandemic isn’t the best environment for creativity. To help you with that, we have picked some things we would like to share with you. Our task is to prove that fun activities during Covid exist, they’re just a bit different. 



Child Coloring With Crayons



Fun activities during Covid that help strengthen the family bond


A lot of studies show that being in lockdown is hard on the mind. If you live alone, lockdown can be fiercely lonely. At the same time, if you live with your family, lockdown can cause a rise in tension between members. So, what better than some activities that help strengthen the family bond?


Movie Nights: A lot of parents seem to have utilized this already. Family movie nights, or movie marathons are now more common than ever. A lot of parents have used this opportunity to introduce their children to the movies and cartoons they held as their favorite while growing up. This can be great entertainment, while providing an amazing opportunity for things to discuss.


Cooking: Cooking is an art form. Or at least, this is what most culinary connoisseurs will tell you. At very least cooking can be fun. When trying to find fun activities during Covid, cooking is one of the best. Not only do you get to laugh and play around with your kids while you cook, but you can also use it as a bonding experience. 


Time Capsules: These are always fun to do. Considering we are living in some really strange times, now might be the best period to create a time capsule. The process of making it will allow you to witness the things that your kids value the most, and want to be reminded of in the future. Sometime in the future, re-opening this time capsule will be really fun.



Family Camping



Fun activities during Covid that boost creativity


At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all wondering how we would walk out of this. There was the prospect of improvement. All this time locked inside could be used as a great period of reading, working out, and general self-care. To help achieve that, why not introduce a sparkle of fun in the mix?


Get Drawing: There will never be another activity that helps boost creativity, like drawing does. With endless possibilities drawing is the craft to use during these days. Try doing some yourself. Fun activities during Covid seem hard to come by, and drawing is one of them. This activity goes beyond fund though, as it helps boost creativity, abstract thinking, and can be really enjoyable.


Tell tales: Entertainment for the earlier generations was different. Telling tales was one of the lone and main sources. Now, you get to use it too. Tell your kids different tales you know. If you don’t know any, just google some and you can read them together. Of course, reading a book together, or watching short animated stories online can be really great too. 


Online Classes: With online work, studies and classes being now the norm, we have no choice but to adapt. One way you could use this uptick in online lessons, and turn it into a fun activity during Covid; would be family classes.


Register for an arts-and-crafts class if you want your children to learn about the many creative things other people know. You might even end up learning something yourself.



Family Cooking Time



Fun activities during Covid that feel like an adventure


All the previous activities can be real fun. Nothing comes close to an adventure though. So let’s look at some fun activities during Covid that can bring adventure to your family. 


Backyard: Camping is one of those activities that seem to have been tailor made to be pandemic-proof. Set a tend on your backyard and go camping there. If you want to keep things interesting, and live in warmer places, a homemade water park can be a great choice. Also consider gardening with your children. It’s all about your point of view. 


Living Room: No in the absence of a backyard, a living room shall suffice. Depending on the age of your kids things like a blanket castel or obstacle courses could make for a great adventure. You also have the opportunity to play board games if your kids are a bit older. Just don’t let Monopoly divide you…


Virtual Adventure: Google maps has been cooperating with different museums, aquariums, zoos and such, to offer street view within their compound. This is a great tool that you can use to take your kids into a fascinating virtual adventure.


Video Games make a great activity too. There are many games out there that could be fun for the entire family. Of course, you have to be reasonable with the time you spent with such things. 


Parents With Toddler


Educational and fun activities during Covid


We would also like to mention some education activities. Truthfully these can be a bit less fun than the ones mentioned above. Yet, they present an amazing opportunity to learn new and useful skills.


Instruments: With all the time in the world, you can try to teach your kids an instrument. If you don’t play one, you can try learning a new instrument together. To make it fun, choose an instrument that your children like. YouTube alone has endless content that aims to teach people how to use instruments. You won’t even need to enroll in a class most of the time. 


Languages: Learning a new language can be challenging. However, if you take it as a family task, and introduce things like apps and games into the learning process, it all becomes fun instead of challenging. Use apps like Duolingo, make a list of five words you want to memorize as a family, and when you all do, add five more. 


Teach your kids: Now this is the part where you try and share your wisdom with your children. Use the time you’ll be spending home as an opportunity to talk to your kids about: money, time management, work and anything else you can think of. Keep in mind that your teachings should be in line with the age of your children. It would be rather challenging to teach econometry to a toddler. 


Fun activities during Covid may seem hard to come by, but once you start counting them you realize that they are too many to count. Hopefully some of these could help you and your family have a slightly better time during these hard days…