4 Very Fun Swimming Games For You And Your Family

4 Very Fun Swimming Games For You And Your Family

Swimming games is a term most often used to describe the Olympic Swimming games that take place every 4 years.


With the wider public however, swimming games are mostly understood as games that involve swimming around in a pool, lake, or any other body of water. 


The latter makes for a very fun activity. Especially so if you are sharing these games with your family and/or people that are close to you.  


There can be an educational aspect to them too. For example, a lot of swimming instructors incorporate different games to make their lessons as effective as possible. 


Keep in mind that is an added bonus, and it is not something that is inherent within the nature of swimming games. 


The reason why we feel it is important to mention that is because a lot of people find educational games, and anything else educational to be boring. 


If you are here to find some amazingly fun swimming games than fear not, as the games we have listed here are anything but boring. 


Without further adieu here are our pics for 4 very fun swimming games that you can play with your friends and family!


1. Sports, But As Swimming Games


Sports, But As Swimming Games



This first entry has a bit of a weird name. This is because of how broad this game is and how much room for creativity it allows. 


Think of any type of sport, and then think about how you can add water into the mix. The idea is to recreate a sports game but inside a pool. 


Most commonly people like to try playing basketball or volleyball within water. You can also do things like soccer too though. 


For the perfect rendition of these sorts of swimming games you might need some extra equipment to go along!


For example, you may need a net to play volleyball, or a goal to play soccer. While that is true, you can also get creative and avoid using anything at all.


A common practice around the world, with children who play volleyball and don’t have a proper net or even pitch is to use a simple rope or thread, to mark where the top of the net would be. 


2. The Mother Of All Swimming Games – Marco Polo


The Mother Of All Swimming Games - Marco Polo



Marco Polo is arguably the most famous, widely played and well known water game in the world. 


It spread throughout borders and cultures. Pretty much every child ever has played this game, be it slightly different from the one here in the US, or under a different name. 


There is a good reason behind this though. Marco Polo checks all the boxes of the things that make swimming games great and fun. 


If the original version isn’t the thing for you, you can try and give it some healthy mutations and create a version of your own.


Something that can be really fun is to have two people be ‘’it’’. This makes it more interesting and fun, as it adds a layer of cooperation between players. 


It is worth mentioning here that this game is a bit of a safety hazard, especially for the person being blindfolded. 


Ideally this is one of those swimming games that are better played on shallow water and under the supervision of adults. 


3. Frozen T-Shirts Make For Unique Swimming Games


Frozen T-Shirts Make For Unique Swimming Games



Swimming games naturally elicit a vision of hot summer days and cold water. Our third pick for swimming games, “Frozen T-Shirt” takes this one step further. 


You will need to freeze up at least two t-shirts. This can be a bit tricky and time consuming so make sure you prepare in advance. You can also use some other piece of clothing, maybe something smaller. 


The idea is to have two teams who are given a frozen t-shirt and have to compete on who will be the first to thaw it out. 


As far as swimming games go this one is perfect for groups of people. Under the right circumstances, this is also a very fun game for adults too. 


Depending on the size of the party going on, you can have three or even four teams participating against each other. 


4. Invisi-Bottle And Other Egg Hunt Swimming Games


Invisi-Bottle And Other Egg Hunt Swimming Games



This is a beat of a ‘’cheat entry’’, so to speak. Invisi-Bottle is a very fun and easy to implement game but we will talk about other games that are similar to it.


Invisi-Bottle essentially is an egg hunt game. The idea here is to find a water bottle, fill it with water and throw it in the pool. 


With the bottle being see-through plastic, and having (preferably) a white cap, it will sink to the bottom and it will be very hard to spot. 


You can play this by dividing participants into teams, or you can let everyone play on their own. Making the game a very, very tame battle royale. 


In our opinion, the most fun way to play this game is to use multiple bottles and throw them in the pool all at once. 


Have teams compete on which one will gather the most bottles within a given amount of time. Granted you will need a large amount of people and a larger pool for this to be effective. 


There are so many variants of the Invisi-Bottle game that it feels like you can make a list of swimming games that are only related or derive from this very game. 


You can also have a scavenger hunt of sorts in your own pool. Instead of using water bottles you can use small objects that will sink at the bottom of the pool. Be careful not to use pointy or sharp objects though, as they can cause injury. 


Hopefully one of these swimming games is going to be the right thing for you and your family to play together. 


Before we leave we wanted to say that it is very important that safety measures are followed strictly when participating in any of the games mentioned above, or any other games. 


The safety of the people inside the swimming pool should be your number one priority at all times!