What Is A Good Side Hustle For A Mom?


Having a side hustle for a mom could be considered ludacris. This sounds especially true if you are a mother yourself.


You would know better than anyone else how much of a hard job you already have. It is no mere coincidence that being a mother is often referred to as “the hardest job on Earth”.


With that being said, it is often the case where on top of being a full time mother, many people need to work another job. 


If you are in a position like that you most likely know how important it is to find a good side hustle for a mom.


Ideally, a perfect side hustle for a mum would be one that allows for the mother to complete both tasks. First and most importantly – parenting, and then secondly – the side hustle.


What Makes A Good Side Hustle For A Mom?

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Think of the ordinary side hustles that most people do. Most of the time you will find that side hustles consist of jobs stemming from the gig economy.


Doordash, uber and many other companies like that, have created many great opportunities for people to find side income.


Then you also have some more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘modern’ side hustles, such as social media influencers, YouTube channels, and so on.


There are also side hustles that require some sort of certification and expertise. For example becoming a swim instructor or a soccer instructor


These are all great options to try and pursue. For example, swim instructors can earn up to $50 per hour! But, do they make for a good side hustle for a mom? Unfortunately, not so much!


Let’s start with a swim instructor position. Most companies will require that you have, at the very least, years of experience and multiple certifications.


The gig economy side hustles also fall short when it comes to being the ideal side hustle for a mom. They require immense dedication and a lot of effort. Most mothers simply don’t have that much free time.


From the things we mentioned, we are now left with only YouTube channels and social media pages. But these also require so much hard work and technical knowledge to work.


We believe that the most common side hustles aren’t the perfect match for moms looking into getting some side income.


Most of the time, the main factor that makes it harder for a mom to succeed with these tasks are the time constraints.


A perfect side hustle for a mom is one that enables her to work the hours she pleases and (specifically for stay-at-home moms) can be done within the confines of one’s house.


Such a job might or side-job might sound too good to be true, but we believe we have the perfect thing if you’re looking for such a side hustle for a mom.

Freelancing – The Perfect Side Hustle For A Mom

 What Makes A Good Side Hustle For A Mom

During the pandemic, the wider public learned one truth that freelancers and smart business owners have known for a long while now: “Nearly all work can be done remotely!”


This situation, of course, wasn’t perfect for everyone but a lot of people enjoyed the work from home aspect of the pandemic. 


In a fascinating article, that you must read if you’re thinking of working from home, flexjobs found, among other things, that 51% of people believe that they are more efficient working from home.


Although facts like this are amazing, we believe that the main selling point of freelancing as a side hustle for a mom isn’t that, but the freedom it provides. 


As a freelancer, you can drop everything you’re working on and go pick your kids from school, only to then pick back up when you get home. 


You can simply clock out and run all the errands you may have, and then clock back in later. Working as a freelancer gives you full control over your schedule.


Parenting consists of many unpredictable circumstances and occasions, being able to adapt your work schedule around your parenting schedule is a gift from god, or your average freelancing job. 


Now you may have heard that the competition is fierce in this field, and that as a market freelancing is highly saturated!


There is definitely truth in that, but that does not mean you won’t be able to succeed. All you need is to play your cards right and focus on the right things!


Where To Start With Freelancing As The Perfect Side Hustle For A Mom

Freelancing Is A Good Side Hustle For A Mom

For first-time freelancers, starting out can be really intimidating. Where do you even begin? What should you do on the first day as a freelancer?


There are two main ways to begin working as a freelancer. You can either sign up at a website that provides freelance work to employers around the world, or go fully solo and start advertising your services on your own. 


Since we’re talking about a good side hustle for a mom, we recommend that you register with an agency instead of going solo. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


There are many websites that provide such opportunities. Even some well-established business websites such as Indeed, have freelance jobs listed


Our recommendation would be to start by registering on UpWork. They are the biggest freelancer website in the world, and you are much more likely to land a gig there! 


If you are a first-timer it can also be confusing as to what type of work you will be doing as a freelancer. That is precisely why freelancing is a perfect side hustle for a mom.


As a freelancer, the type of work you can do is only limited by your skills, passion and interest. We will only go over a few gigs that are a good side hustle for a mom, our criteria being the easiest to start with.


Some freelancing jobs that can also make for a good side hustle for a mom include: writing, data entry, transcriptions, virtual assistant gigs.


Writing – Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with the next New York Times best seller. Writing gigs can be much easier than that. 


Most of the time, you will find positions that require blog and article writing. If you have a passion for the written word, then by all means give this side-hustle a try.


Data Entry – These jobs have a bit of a notoriety going on. That is because they can be monotonous and repetitious which makes them boring to perform. 


However, they are very easy to perform and require little to no technical knowledge. The most skill they require is basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.


Transcription – This one is similar to writing. You will have to sit down and spend some time typing different things. We believe this to be a great factor in making this gig a good side hustle for a mom. 


Transcription gigs however, don’t require you to use your creative side. Instead all you’ll have to type will be provided to you!


Virtual Assistant Gigs – There comes a time in the existence of many businesses where there’s too much work for a single person to perform. That’s when people will go hire virtual assistants – which happens to be a really good side hustle for a mom.


Most of the time, these gigs provide high side-income and consist of a little bit of everything we mentioned above. You will also have to do some email answering, scheduling and so on.


If you’re looking for a good side hustle for a mom, we sincerely respect and admire you. Being a mother is hard enough as is, and the fact that most mothers go above and beyond to provide for their children is truly admirable…


As you sail away on your endeavors of finding a good side hustle for a mom, we bid you farewell with a quote by Herman Hesse, directed to his mother: “If I know what love is, it’s because of you.”