How Much Do Therapists Make Full-Time?

Whether you’re looking to work part time or full-time, therapy is an excellent way to create an income source that works for you through flexible scheduling. Now, with innovations, such as more sophisticated technology that makes communication easy, online therapy services make full-time work even more accessible than ever. This article will cover some of the income statistics that full-time therapists earn and how online therapy can help professionals make even more.


How Much Can Full-Time Therapists Earn?


Around the country, thousands of people are looking for mental health resources each day. Due to the abundance of clients, therapy can be a very lucrative career for licensed professionals.


On average, therapists in America earn roughly $70,000 each year, according to; however, this value can vary from location to location and by type of license.


For example, someone who works in a metropolitan area might make more than someone who does in a rural area due to population, and therefore, client availability.


Nonetheless, on the lower end, full-time therapists can still earn around $50,000 a year, which can still allow people to have a great standard of living in most parts of the country.


These types of statistics are typically about therapists who work at a private practice, a local mental health center, or other clinical settings but don’t always consider online therapy, which is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things.


Online therapy is allowing people to earn more money than they previously could, and those who work at these physical locations are starting to supplement their income with it by dividing their time between the two modalities or completely transitioning to online therapy entirely.


This is because online therapy, especially through BetterHelp, makes it easy to maintain a full-time schedule and income while also enjoying many benefits that are associated with working remotely, which can directly improve a person’s income.


How To Start Earning More


If you’re already a licensed therapist who is looking for a change, starting your online therapy business is just a click away and it begins with an application.


BetterHelp works by using an engagement compensation model for its clinicians instead of being paid by the hour, since you will be connecting with your clients even outside of live sessions, such as through email exchanges and shared journal entries, which can’t necessarily be timed, but are crucial for your clients’ overall experience on the platform.


It’s also important to know that you won’t ever be charged fees for the services that you provide to your clients, which means that what you earn is yours. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about billing them or handling other types of paperwork, and this lets you focus your time and energy on counseling your clients, whom the platform helps you acquire automatically.


Online therapy should be stress-free for both clients and clinicians, and not having these types of responsibilities like you might have to deal with at a local practice is a huge perk for a lot of people because it can incentivize helping more clients and earn more money.




Thousands of people are signing up for BetterHelp each day looking for counselors and therapists like you to give them support, and by signing up you are taking the first step to becoming a full-time professional on the platform. Hopefully, this article has shown you some of the earnings you can expect, and how online therapy can be a valuable asset for people who are already working as a therapist full-time and how it can increase your income.