How to Clean Swimming Goggles: A Step by Step Guide

Swimming Goggles

Dirty goggles are the fastest way to ruin the performance of a good swimmer. Clear swimming goggles are a crucial part of swimming in the water fast and safely. If you want to know how to clean swimming goggles, then keep scrolling this page.


Before you know the ultimate ways to clear swimming goggles, you should see the way to clean the swim goggles. If your swim goggles are clear, they will assist you in timing your flip turns appropriately, assist you in avoiding wayward swimmers, and prevent your eyes from becoming bloodshot and scratchy after long swimming.


You should take care of your swim goggles just as much as they take care of you. Here we will provide you with the step by step guide on how to clean swimming goggles and keep them in good shape:


After Swimming, Rinse Your Goggles with Cold Water:


Are you searching for how to clean swimming goggles quickly? The fastest and ultimate way to get clear swim goggles is to give a quick rinse to your goggles when you come out of the swimming pool. Any moisture and water-borne bacteria that could lead to mold and bacteria growth in the folds of your google’s gaskets can be eliminated with some fresh, clean, and cool water. A quick cold water rinse is a super easy technique to maintain the cleanliness of your goggles and extend their lifespan till your next swimming.


Use Good Quality Anti-fog Spray:


If you are looking for how to clean swimming goggles to see clearly in water, then this is the best way. While there is a wide range of good quality anti-fog swimming goggles available on the market, the sensitive anti-fog coating on the interior of the goggle’s lenses fades and worsens over time. The faded lenses of the goggles show the impression of their dirtiness, but in reality, they just lost their anti-fog coating.


Swim goggle anti-fog sprays are very affordable and effective and help you to see clearly for a lot longer than you would see if you just let the faded anti-fog coating into the lenses of your goggles.


Let the Goggles Dry:


If you are looking for how to clean swimming goggles then you are at the perfect site. In confined and moist spaces, mold and other unpleasant things can fester and grow. Because of this, it’s essential to give your swimming goggles a chance to dry out properly so that mold would not develop itself in your goggles.


After rinsing them, allow them a moment to “breathe” and dry properly before putting them in your swim bag for the ride home.


Avoid the urge to clean your goggles inside:


As we discussed above, the anti-fog coating is delicate and can be removed by a well-intentioned but otherwise hasty finger swipe. Furthermore, the oils on your fingertips will contaminate the lens inside of your goggles. This is also an important point to learn how to clean swimming goggles. 


Store Your Goggles Away from the Sun:


Older swimmers recall a time when latex straps were the sole option for swim goggles. Goggles are very affordable since latex is less expensive, but it is far more prone to cracking and degradation from exposure.


The majority of goggles are now made of silicon, which is more durable than latex and is used for everything from the gaskets to goggle’s head straps. However, it is still susceptible to long-term UV exposure, which can eventually cause the straps and gasket that fit snugly on your face to prevent leaks in your swim goggles from breaking and becoming brittle. It’s also essential to know how you can maintain your swimming goggles for long-term use


Clean Moldy Swimming Goggles with Vinegar:


The next point to learn how to clean swimming goggles is that you may have left them in the swim bag’s basement for who knows how long, but it’s started to smell. Let your goggles soak for 60-120 min in a bowl that contains a mixture of white vinegar and lukewarm water. If your swim goggles develop moldies, soaking them in a solution of white vinegar and water can help zap the swimming goggles back to cleanliness, as white vinegar is a good antifungal and antibacterial. This is the best way to stop swimming goggles from fogging up


The swimming goggle is an essential swim gear for leisure as well as competitive swimmers. When you are at the swimming pool, one of your closest friends is your swim goggles. Whether you’re wearing your favorite pair to the local lap swim or your best triathlon pair for a lake swim, taking care of your swimming goggles is essential so they can assist you in swimming your best. Check the step by step guide on how to clean swim goggles and keep your goggles in tip top condition.