How to Swim Breaststroke Step by Step: An Ultimate Guide

How to Swim Breaststroke

Breaststroke is a swimming technique that is easy to grasp and fun to do. Swimming breaststroke is the best form of body exercise that engages the arm, shoulders, neck, and legs. There are mainly three motions in learning how to swim breaststroke. Firstly, kick your legs behind you. After that, swim for a bit and stretch forward with the help of your arm’s strength. With some routine practice, you will know how to swim breaststroke easily. Check out the how to swim breaststroke step by step guide to know:


Exercising the core position to know how to swim breaststroke


1. Warm up before rehearsing the core position: 


Before performing the breaststroke, float about the water for around five minutes. You might use a different swimming technique you are comfortable with (like the backstroke or freestyle). By doing so, you’ll be able to warm up your muscles and become used to the warmth of the water.


2. Stretch your neck, arms, legs, and hips in the pool: 


There are several ways to stretch these parts of body muscles. Consider pulling your heel toward your butt while standing on one foot. Hold the posture for 10 – 15 seconds before changing to your opposing foot. Continue three times on each side.


3. Begin the core position in the swimming pool:


Position yourself laterally in the water with your legs out behind you and your arms out in front of you. Your toes should aim at the rear of the wall, and your fingers should touch in that direction. When you stretch your thumbs apart while keeping your hands down, they should hardly touch. Your thumbs and index fingers should be spaced apart in a “V” pattern.


4. Push the wall many times and practice the core position for a few seconds:


This will allow you to become aware of how your body should feel while holding the core posture.


Doing the kick, the second step for how to swim breaststroke


1. If you need practice doing the breaststroke kick, perform a dry land exercise: 


Put your left hand up against a wall. Bring your right foot to your butt and angle it upward towards the ankle while you curve your right leg at the knee. Push your right leg sideways while maintaining the knee and ankle bent until your foot is just over your butt. Stretch your leg and point your toes downward after elevating your leg at a 45-degree angle, then return your leg and foot to the rest position.


2. Point your feet away from your body to start the kick: 


Turn your ankles outward from your core, so your feet are directed away from your body. Next, tuck your heels up against your butt. 


3. Stretch your legs to the sides when your heels touch your butt: 


Knees should be somewhat further apart than shoulders. Maintain a vertical angle between your ankles and the leg. Bring your legs back together and extend them straight behind you. When you get to the end of the extension, flick your ankles down.


The last step of how to swim breaststroke is incorporating the arm motions


 1. Extend your arms wide without bending your elbows: 


Turn both palms outward, starting in the core position. Extend your hands and move them downward. Move your hands downward as you extend them. As your arms form a ‘Y’ with your body, bring your hands down and back toward your mouth. Bend your elbows. Take up the core position once more and push them back outside to improve breaststroke techniques.


2. Take breathes with each stroke:


Raise your neck, head, and upper chest out of the water as you raise your hands to the mouth to take a breath. 


3. Utilize a pull buoy to offer buoyancy and practice your arm motions:


A pull buoy is a floating object that you hold between your thighs to maintain the elevation of your body and legs. 


 4. Put everything together:


Bring your feet up toward your butt while maintaining your core stance. Legs kicked out from behind, gliding for two seconds. Lift your head above the water to breathe, and then push your arms into the ‘Y’ posture before pulling them back toward you. Go back to your starting position.


Now you are ready to take your swimming to the next level by knowing how to swim breaststroke. Visit InstaSwim for adult swimming lessons to learn how to swim breaststroke faster.