Is The Code Red Diet The Right Diet For You?

Is The Code Red Diet The Right Diet For You


Code Red Diet is getting a lot of traction as of late. Is this just another of those ‘internet trends’ that die out as fast as they are brought into the front of our feeds?


In order to understand the recent spike in popularity for the Code Red Diet, we need to understand what this diet is and what it is used for.


The Code Red Diet, as we will see below, is more than a simple diet which limits or tells you about the type of food you should and shouldn’t eat.


Instead the Code Red Diet, goes a step further and includes more things within its border than just the amount and type of food that one can and cannot consume. 


While we continue to discuss the Code Red Diet even further, you will notice that there are many similarities between the Code Red Diet and the Keto Diet.


The main thing being the nature of the food suggested and the ideas of avoiding certain nutrients while maximizing others. 


What Is The Code Red Diet?




The Code Red Diet is a diet plan developed by a famous workout and health guru Cristy Nickel. Code Red Diet is claimed to be the best fat-burning and weight loss there is.


This diet works by minimizing the levels of carbohydrates that you take, while focusing on eating more fat and protein rich foods. 


What sets the Code Red Diet apart from most other diets is the fact that this diet is predicated on the idea that it will help you lose weight, and then keep you from gaining that weight back.


Another huge component that makes this diet different from most other diets, is the fact that it goes beyond food regulation and caloric intakes. 


The Code Red Diet goes hand to hand with the Code Red Lifestyle. This way of living is based on the 10 rules that all people practising the Code Red Diet must follow


  1. Avoid soda consumption completely.
  2. Strive to eat vegetables with every meal.
  3. Proper sleep schedule that sees you sleep for 7-8 hours.
  4. No more than 2 cups of coffee per day.
  5. No mochas! No lattes!
  6. Only 2-3 meals per day. Snacks are not allowed!
  7. Consume a minimum of a gallon of water per day.
  8. No consuming bread, at all!
  9. No consuming candies, sweets and alcohol.


As you can see there is more to this diet than simply fixing and paying attention to your food intake. 


This is actually a very beneficial and right approach towards dieting and health in general. To keep and maintain health you will have to focus on more than just your food. 


It is no wonder that sometimes the main thing people associate with the Code Red Diet is the fact that this diet focuses on your sleep and water-intake as much as it focuses on the food you eat. 


With the main selling point being split between first losing weight and then maintaining an ideal weight that you lost with this diet, it is these precise rules that help you achieve both. 


The foods that are associated with the Code Red Diet are: sources of healthy fats such as salmon, eggs, avocadoes, seeds, nuts, etc.


Then we have the protein component of this diet, where meat although isn’t highly recommended, it still remains the main source of protein.  


What is most important when it comes to the foods within the Code Red Diet are vegetables. They are highly recommended and they make up for the majority of things to consume under this diet.


Just based on the 10 rules above you can almost guess what food will be accepted and what foods will be totally out of the question. 


The interesting things about this diet, and frankly the thing that we find most fun about it, is that it isn’t as restrictive as weight loss diets can be.


Instead the Code Red Diet focuses on eating overall healthy food, while maintaining a high level of physical activity to keep your health in top shape and your weight in check. 


Is The Code Red Diet The Right Thing For You?


Is The Code Red Diet The Right Thing For You



Now that we have an understanding of the Code Red Diet, what is the verdict that we can conclude in regards to whether this diet is the right thing for you?


Well, if you are looking to lose weight, without going down the route of evil weight loss pills, the Code Red Diet can be a great starting point. 


Please keep in mind that when choosing a diet you must take into account what your needs are. Not only in the sense of weight loss or gain, but also in a personal physiology level. 


Most ideally we believe that the Code Red Diet can make for a great gateway into the world of healthy living, healthy diets and fitness.


This is mostly because of the ‘friendly’ and ‘easy going’ nature of this diet. It’s great for beginners due to the nature of the changes it requires for one to make.


While most people know, and studies back this up too, that radical changes are very hard to pull and maintain long term, starting with small steps seems to be the right way.


By focusing on eating more veggies, sleeping better, trying to be more active, and limiting some of the most harmful foods, the changes you’ll be making will be gradual and at a pace that isn’t suffocating. 


So to conclude, the Code Red diet is the right thing for you if you are looking to lose weight, or if you are just starting your journey to healthy living. 


One last thing that we should touch upon in this section is whether or not this dieting or this lifestyle is efficient and works well. But as it turns out, it can be hard to answer that. 


Most of the results that are published come from the creators themselves. Although we do not intend to question their integrity in any way, shape or form, we just want to say that there is a reasonable degree of bias included in those. 


To make matters worse and more confusing is the fact that diets just don’t work the same for everyone. The more we learn about the relationship between genetics and weight the more things become murky. 


What we do know for certain though is that eating less helps lose weight, being active helps with that; for example swimming is a great way to lose weight


We also know that certain foods can make matters worse. Most of the time, these foods not only give us extra pounds but they are harmful in many ways that aren’t even related to one’s weight.

Taking these facts into consideration, the Code Red Diet is something that we are comfortable recommending. Of course, the decision is yours to make and this is simply our subjective, non-professional opinion. 


Ultimately the final decision is up to you. As we always suggest, feel free to discuss this with your doctor, and hopefully you can get the best out of the Code Red Diet!