How Fast Can Adults Learn To Swim With Adult Swimming Lessons?

Woman Swimming

If you are an adult and are considering learning how to swim, your best approach consists of adult swimming lessons. This is a common sense conclusion. One thing that you might be wondering is how fast you will learn. 


As we have discussed here previously, swimming can be learned in one lesson, or it can take one year.  Before trying to give an actual number, let us talk about the things that can effect your process of learning how to swim. 


Fear of Water – This is one tough pill to swallow. The fear people have of water, can be the main obstacle in learning how to swim fast. Even if you take the best adult swimming lessons, if you cannot get into water, it all amounts to nothing. Probably the greatest hindrance people face when learning how to swim, is their own fear of water. 


Willingness to Learn – Even if you don’t have any particular fears of water, you still need the desire to learn. With a good tutor, one can probably learn swimming even if their heart isn’t fully into it. However, it will take much longer, and it won’t be as effective. 


Now these two factors depend on the student. What about the other side of things? What sort of swimming lessons can you take to learn swimming faster?


Adult Swimming Lessons to learn fast


Man Taking Adult Swimming Lessons


As you might already know, there are two different types of swimming lessons: group lessons and private lessons. If you want to go for efficiency, speed and quality, you have to stick to private lessons.


Although they are most of the time a bit more expensive, the difference in value makes them worth every penny. Private adult swimming lessons are pretty common, and you can find some near you right now. 


Adult swimming lessons can be great even for people who can swim. This shows us that there are many complex techniques and strokes that you can learn. This could be a problem in the long run.


To avoid complicating things, make sure that you clearly communicate with your tutor. Let them know that you want to use your lesson as a way of learning swimming fast. It is ideal that you focus on simple, freestyle strokes at first. The easier the stroke, the quicker you’ll learn it.


In conclusion…


For adults trying to learn swimming the experience can vary greatly. To try and give an average we would have to remove the extremes.


For example exclude the people who learn in less than one hour, and also remove the people who take too long; like one year or more. To make things even more precise we will measure progress with adult swimming lessons taken. 


For able bodied adults, on average, it takes up to 5 or 10 lessons to start getting a decent grasp on swimming. Of course, we are referring to private adult swimming lessons. With group lessons the numbers are much higher. If you take lessons once or twice a week, it is safe to say that you will start learning in a month or so.


Very important note here: set your own goals for your adults swimming lessons. Do not take averages you find on the internet as the golden standard to be followed. Instead focus on yourself and your needs. You might need more lessons and that’s okay. Or, you might even need less.


Swimming is an amazingly beneficial hobby to have. But, unfortunately, there is a very common myth that if you don’t learn swimming at a certain age you will never learn it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Swimming is something that we all can do and learn, regardless of our age.