Thanks For Choosing InstaSwim!

Your Registration is currently being reviewed. We will contact you shortly, with confirmation regarding your registration! This DOES NOT mean you are confirmed for a Lifeguard!

Booking: We recommend booking a lifeguard for your event atleast 2 weeks in advance to ensure we can accommodate your event in time. We DO NOT charge rush fees but please just consider that if you book too close to your event, we may not be able to find availability for your event.



Payment: We require FULL PAYMENT within 48 Hours before your event. This ensures that you are fully locked in with us and your Lifeguard. Failure to pay in full within 48 Hours will result in a $25 late payment fee that will be added onto your invoice. We do not require deposits. InstaSwim will invoice you directly. If for some reason, you did not receive an invoice from InstaSwim for payment, please contact our office 888-610-2656. DO NOT pay your lifeguard, as we pay our guards directly.


Fees: We charge a one time annual $25 booking fee. (This will be added onto your invoice). As stated before, a rush fee may or may not be added onto your invoice. This depends on how close you booked your event to the event date.


If you would like to tip the Lifeguard at the end of the event that is totally fine and we encourage it!


If you book any amount of Lifeguards for your event, all Lifeguards will NEED to be on duty and you will not be able to send one home. Because you stated a certain amount of estimated swimmers, we cannot risk sending a Guard or 2 home, even if there are not many swimmers, swimming in the pool. We take heavy precaution when it comes to Lifeguarding pool parties as it is a great risk and preventing accidents from happening is our #1 goal. Please know that you are doing a great service for yourself and your guests by hiring a Lifeguard service for your party.



Cancellations: Whether it’s bad weather or something unexpected that comes up that will force you to cancel your event, you must contact our office 888-610-2656 to cancel no less than 6 hours before the start of your event. We will offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you do not wish to reschedule your event and continue to use us. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation within 6 hours or the Lifeguard arrives at your event because you failed to notify us, you will be charged a $50 Fee late cancellation fee.


Lifeguard To Swimmer Ratio: Our policy is 1 Lifeguard for every 15 swimmers at the party. This is to ensure the safety of all guests and swimmers at your pool event. For example: Let’s say you put in your registration that the estimated amount of swimmers is 30, you will need 2 Lifeguards for your event. If you put down 15 estimated swimmers in the registration, and say the Lifeguard arrives. If the Lifeguard notices that there are 16+ swimmers in the pool or pool area, the Lifeguard has our authorization to have swimmers leave the pool area until there is only 15 swimmers in the pool at one time. If an accident were to occur when only 1 Lifeguard is on duty and there are more than 15 swimmers in the pool, You agree that InstaSwim nor our Lifeguard will be held liable as you failed to follow our strict Lifeguard Ratio policy.


Alcohol Or Drug Policy: We have a strict NO alcohol or drug policy when using our services. If any guests or swimmers at the event are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are in the pool or pool area, they will be asked immediately to exit the pool and leave the pool area at once. This is a dangerous hazard to other patrons and swimmers inside the pool. If any swimmer or guest seems under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be kindly asked to leave the pool and exit the pool area, no questions asked. We will not be held liable for any accident that were to occur to guests or swimmers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Pool Party Rules/Disclaimers: In the chance that the weather becomes dangerous (thunder, lightning, heavy rain) the Lifeguard has the authorization to close down the pool area for safety reasons. All swimmers and guests must exit the pool and pool area.


InstaSwim and our Lifeguards will enforce pool rules such as: No diving, flipping, back diving, chicken fights (Sitting on shoulders), or big oversized pool floats that can cause a safety hazard. If these rules are not being followed by any swimmers, you agree that our Lifeguards are allowed to put swimmers in temporary time outs (Leaving the pool area for a certain period of time). We take safety very seriously and if any of these pool rules are broken, and swimmers continue to not listen to our Lifeguard, InstaSwim or Lifeguards on duty will not be held liable for any accidents that occur.


Releasing A Lifeguard Early: We understand that you may not need the Lifeguard for the full time of your pool party event. If you need to release the Lifeguard early, that is fine, but you will still be billed the full amount that you registered for. As long as you formally let your Lifeguard know, all swimmers are safely away from the pool area and are no longer swimming anymore, the pool gates or access to the pool must be locked down so that no one can get in and swim, then you can send the Lifeguard hom early. Example: If you book a lifeguard for a 3 hour event but release the Lifeguard after 2 hours, you will not be refunded for any remaining time, in this case, the remaining hour.



Non-Solicitation Agreement: You agree to not solicit our Lifeguards at any time during your event OR outside of your event. You agree that our Lifeguards are apart of InstaSwim and that if you want to hire them for your event or future events, you will have to register through InstaSwim and pay our rates and fees. Although InstaSwim’s Lifeguard’s are freelancers and independent contractors, we use alot of resources, time and money to find them and hire them onto our team. You are not to make side deals, have conversations about future employment, offer incentives, accept offers from them, or discuss pricing and scheduling with InstaSwim’s Lifeguards at any time. As stated before, if you would like to hire our Lifeguards for your private events, you will have to go through InstaSwim.



You agree that InstaSwim will not be held liable for any deals made between you and Lifeguard. All communication and service related conversations must be made between you (the client) and InstaSwim. We are only responsible for the information that was submitted to us in writing or in the registration form.



Final Agreements: With all of the policies and information stated above, you (Client) agree to all terms and policies presented by InstaSwim. If any of our rules, policies, or terms explained above were to be broken, InstaSwim or Lifeguards will NOT be held liable for any accident or injury that occurs at your event.