Lifeguard Registration Form

Please submit the form below to book a Lifeguard for your event. We recommend booking a Lifeguard atleast 2 weeks in advanced.


We charge a one time annual $25 booking fee. (This will be added onto your invoice). As stated before, a rush fee may or may not be added onto your invoice. This depends on how close you booked your event to the event date. 


Payment is due 48 hours before your event date




As a reminder, please view our Lifeguard per swimmer ratio’s in the registration form. You must choose the required amount of Lifeguards based on the amount of swimmers at your event.


If you choose the wrong amount of Lifeguards in your registration and a greater amount of swimmers are in or around the pool area, InstaSwim and it’s Lifeguards will NOT be held liable for any accidents or emergencies.

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