What Are Mommy And Me Swim Lessons And 3 Awesome Benefits

What Are Mommy And Me Swim Lessons and 3 Amazing Benefits

Mommy and Me swim lessons are a relatively new trend within the world of swim lessons and swim enthusiasts. 


As is the case with everything new, mommy and me swim lessons can be misunderstood from the wider public, and a lot of people find themselves wondering what they even are. 


If you are planning on purchasing lesson packages for you and your baby, you might have seen that a lot of swim schools offer the Mommy and Me swim lessons. 


You might be wondering what is the difference between Mommy and Me swim lessons and your more traditional swim lessons. Is one or the other better and which one is better for you and your baby? 


These questions are a bit hard to answer. Not because the answer itself is complicated, but because the answer has a lot of variables that need to be taken into account. 


When deciding whether Mommy and Me swim lessons are the thing for you or not, you need to take into account what you are looking for. 


As you will see below, Mommy and Me swim lessons are designed and created for specific things and if that is what you are looking for, they can be perfect. 


What we can say with absolute certainty is that Mommy and Me swim lessons are extremely fun and can present a very memorable experience. 


What Are Mommy And Me Swim Lessons?


What Are Mommy And Me Swim Lessons


Mommy and Me Swim Lessons are lessons designed for groups of mothers and their babies; usually under the age of 2.


These lessons are characterized by the mothers holding the babies, while an instructor gives instructions and tips in the middle of the pool. 


Usually Mommy and Me swim lessons include a lot of singing and bubble blowing. Parents participating are encouraged to bring toys, to make the experience more fun. 


The main point is to teach babies a basic survival skill, if they were to fall in water. The focus is mostly upon the baby and less so on the parent. 


The name ‘Mommy and Me’ swim lessons can be a bit misleading, as realistically these lessons are meant for babies and very little for the mother, who plays mostly a supportive role. 


It is also a type of lesson that is most successful when done in groups. Although this depends on the school you’re going with, most of the time, Mommy and Me swim lessons can also be the cheaper alternative. 


This is thanks to the group that forms to take the lessons. Some schools do offer the option of splitting the price among participants, driving costs lower. 


At this point we can answer whether Mommy and Me swim lessons are right for you. If you are looking for lessons for your baby, in which you get to play a huge role, then the answer is: Absolutely!


However, if you are looking for lessons for both you and your baby, then you are better off purchasing a more traditional package of swim lessons. 


You might be wondering what’s all the fuss about? These lessons sound very similar to ordinary swim lessons, right?


Well, the amazing things about Mommy and Me swim lessons stems from the atmosphere that can be generated under such conditions. 


But there are also other benefits of these lessons that go beyond the fun and amazing experience that they can provide. 


3 Awesome Benefits Of Mommy And Me Swim Lessons


3 Amazing Benefits Of Mommy And Me Swim Lessons


1. The Bonding Effect – In our day and time, parents are learning a lot of new things about their children, and parenting in general. 


For example we have learned the importance of bonding with your child, especially doing so at an early stage, like babyhood. 


Some parents have a hard time getting this bonding just right. Don’t worry, this is totally normal and it happens to many parents. 


We know that bonding is strongly connected to skin on skin contact. Mommy and Me swim lessons can provide the perfect opportunity for that. 


Not only do you have to hold your baby during the entire lessons, but you will also be singing, dancing and being all around happy; which is also associated with helping form this parent-child bond. 


2. Life Savior – swim lessons have always been suggested as the number one means of prevention against all drowning related incidents. 


Unfortunately, the statistics of drowning become much more grim, when you realize that those most affected by drowning are young children, toddlers and babies. 


Mommy and Me swim lessons can provide a great way for all babies to learn a basic survival reaction to falling in water. This is something that all pool owners should know and keep in mind. 


For honesty sake we should mention that all swim lessons have this benefit and the more people that learn to swim the less drowning there will be.


What stands out about Mommy and Me Swim lessons is the fact that they are designed and intended for babies, who are the most at risk.  


3. Fun All Around – The main selling point for mommy and me swim lessons has always been, and will most likely remain, the fun aspect that they have.


They are the perfect incarnation of educational fun. Not only do they make for a great experience for the baby, while teaching them how to swim, but they are fun for the parents too.


Especially if the group consists of mothers who know each other, and are there for a shared experience in the pool. 


When done right, Mommy and Me swim lessons are hands down the most fun lessons that exist, probably across all disciplines and not only within swimming. 


Hopefully this has been a helpful guide to mommy and me swim lessons, and that you found what you are looking for. 


Allow us to say that if you are considering purchasing a package with such lessons, then you probably need them and they will end up being right for you!