Must Have Swimming Pool Accessories

Must Have Swimming Pool Accessories

Having a pool can feel like a full time job with all the responsibilities that come along with it. Most people can become so caught up with the pressure of maintaining their pool that they forget the reason they have the pool in the first place. Below, we are going to go over the must have swimming pool accessories.


Enjoyment. From games to relaxation, without spending a lot of money you can add some really cool pool accessories and take your experiences to the next level. Whether you have an inground, Intex or above ground pool, you’ll definitely find something for you and your family in our options below.


LED Pool Lights


Swimming pool lighting has the ability to transform your entire pool experience. LED lights are one of the most popular fittings for pools. They’re great for seeing during late night swims and also add a pop of color and sparkle, creating a mystical ambiance. 


Swimmer IPX7 Wireless Floating Pool Speaker


Regardless if you are having a pool party, pool speakers are always a fun time! They are 100% waterproof and offer several volume levels with a subwoofer, which creates high definition. The top perk of these speakers is that they’re easily accessible by iPhone or tablet and that the battery life lasts up to 8 hours.


Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge by Intex


Inflatable lounge chairs are definitely a must have for any pool occasion. With this particular item, you’ll have plenty of legroom and back support, which provides relaxation. It’s featured with built in cup holders, safety air rooms and removable shade areas. 


Waterproof Playing Cards


Play any card game in the pool with waterproof playing cards! Family friendly and long lasting, this is an item that can be brought out for a day or night affair.


Inflat-A-Bull by Intex


Who doesn’t love a western night out? Have yourself a grand ole time right in the comfort of your own swimming pool! The Inflat-A-Bull is perfect for friends and family. To use this item you climb aboard the bull and have everyone else begin rocking the float. This item is huge and may take up the majority of your pool. It features three air pumps for durability.


Watermelon Ball


The watermelon ball is great for exercising and water sports like basketball or volleyball. The item is able to be enjoyed underwater, allowing for you to dribble, pass and throw the ball without it sinking to your pool floor. The ball inflates easily with water, not air. It is important to note that this item includes small parts and should not be in reach of children under 3 years old.


GoPong Beer Pong Float


Having this game at your disposal is super beneficial when you’re having a couple of friends over. It’s the perfect mix of regular beer pong combined with the distinctly summer feel of a pool party. This game includes the float and the pong bongs, featuring a large built in cooler to store your extra beer. What’s left for you to supply is the alcohol and the cups! Please note this game can be made family friendly if you replace the alcohol with age appropriate beverages. 


Pirate Diving Set by Battat


Keep your children entertained for hours with this toy chest filled with hidden treasures. The treasure chest includes 27 items to find including, gems, coins and miniature sea creatures. This game becomes a wicked challenge because the items are weighted and sink to the bottom of the pool. Bump up the heat by having a competition to see who can collect the most items!


Fin Fun Mermaid Tail


This item is most popular for young girls living out their dreams of being a mermaid! It’s made of sturdy fabric;somewhere between a bathing suit and a wetsuit. The tail comes in several bright colors and can even look 3D once wet. It is important to note that this is a toy and should not be confused with a lifesaving or floating device. 


Pool Storage by Essentially Yours


The last item on our must have list is pool storage. This storage unit has UV resistant nylon mesh walls that are made with strong tear resistant fibers. This allows for all the accessories you place in the storage unit to stay mildew free! It’s a quick installation process and features wheels, which grants quick portability. 


Sure, you could just relax by your pool without any toys. But who really wants to do that?! Enjoy your final days of summer by adding the above pool accessories to your collection! The items we suggested above are decorative, family friendly and provide easy dismantling.


Please note that we do not suggest leaving any items in your pool after the fun is over. Leaving pool toys in the water can quickly become a drowning hazard for young children who are curious or may want to continue playing with the item after the adults have left. Remember to properly store all your items and lock your pool gate when you are finished.