5 Best Places To Go Swimming In Arizona

5 Best Places To Go Swimming In Arizona

“Swimming in Arizona”, is definitely not one of the first things that one thinks of when you think about Arizona, and what this beautiful state is known for.


The Grand Canyon, deserts, more deserts, the Grand Canyon in a desert, Phoenix, these are usually the things that are most associated with Arizona. 


That is for a good reason of course, the Grand Canyon and Phoenix are both amazing, but swimming in Arizona is just as great. 


It is one of those things that not a lot of people talk about, yet a lot of people participate in. Arizona has perfect weather for swimming. 


Especially so during the hot summer days. Swimming in Arizona during the summer can be a very fun and enjoyable experience that helps combat the heat. 


However, due to the above mentioned fact that not a lot of people talk about swimming in Arizona, we feel that there isn’t a proper coverage of the best places to go swimming in Arizona. 


Today we are going to share with you some of the best places we could find for you to go swimming in Arizona. 


We don’t  have any particular criteria on why and how we chose these places, this will mostly be an arbitrary list of places you can go swimming in Arizona. 


1. Fossil Creek 


Swimming In Arizona Location One; Fossil Creek



Fossil Creek is one of the most scenic places in the entirety of Arizona. Keep in mind that we are talking about the state in which The Grand Canyon is located.


Whether you are looking to go swimming in Arizona or to just enjoy a hike, maybe go for a bit of camping too, Fossil Creek has you covered.


This place is a marvelous construction of nature that seamlessly combines mesmerizing rivers,  crystal clear waters and picturesque nature.


Swimming in Fossil Creek is more enjoyable than in most places due to the feel and ambiance that this place has going!

There are regulations in place here, which you must follow! For example, camping is not allowed during the summer months, but is allowed the rest of the year.


This location is perfect for a family trip, and is very welcoming for those willing to travel to Arizona. It should go without saying that Fossil Creek is an ideal holiday destination for locals too!


2. Canyon Lake


Canyon Lake A Place To Go Swimming In Arizona



If you want to go swimming in Arizona, why not combine that with the, arguably, the best thing that Arizona has to offer; the canyons. 


Canyon Lake should be on the list of all the people who want to go for a swim in Arizona. This place is a fascinating destination through and through.


While previously we mentioned camping and swimming in Fossil Creek, Canyon Lake has even more to offer. With options varying from: hiking and fishing all the way to scuba diving. 


This place is littered (in the best way possible) with numerous and diverse beauties that you need to see and experience if you ever visit Arizona. 


To top it all off, the Canyon Lake has a beach area too. This is definitely ideal if you want to go swimming and you get to enjoy sunbathing too, if that is something you want to do. 


However, the cherry on top of the cake will always be the fact that this destination offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the Arizona Canyons. 


3. Bartlett Flat Shoreline Area


Tonto National Forest, Arizona, USA



Located within the Tonto National Forest (pictured above), the Bartlett Flat Shoreline Area refers to the main swimming area of this place. 


It is one of those destinations that fully encompass what we would like to refer to as ‘the Arizonian Vibe’.


A very enchanting mixture of red, green and blue. Where the red rocks and land sort of work as a canvas for the green nature and blue waters to create a masterpiece of a painting that sticks with you!


As far as places to go swimming in Arizona go, the Bartlett Flat Shoreline Area is one that ticks all the boxes of what you would usually look for in such places. 


Beyond the scenic views and the amazing water, this place is open and available year round, meaning you can pack your things and go visit whenever you feel like it. Which is a welcomed bonus in our opinion! 


4. Grasshopper Point 


Grasshopper Point, Arizona, USA



Grasshopper Point, or more specifically the Grasshopper Point Picnic and Swimming Area is the 4th entry in our list of places to go Swimming in Arizona. 


This destination is perfect for families looking to have some fun together, as this place allows for you to switch between swimming and picnic seamlessly. 


On top of that you will also be enjoying all the amazing views that we have already talked about so far. 


Grasshopper Point swimming hole also allows for swimming and for wildlife watching. This destination also makes for great social media content. 


The pictures that you can take here are truly remarkable, and they are guaranteed to garner all the likes and shares possible. 


Grasshopper Point truly feels like one of those high luxury places that only the elite of the elite get to visit. Fear not though, as that is not the case, and pretty much everybody is welcomed here! 


5. Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA



Havasu Falls is genuinely our favorite location of this entire list. This place is an amazing one in every single aspect that you can think of to measure it.


First and foremost, the water here is so beautiful and clear that it feels as if you look at it for too long it’s going to draw you into itself, like mermaids do to pirates in the tales of old. 


This place truly captivates your imagination, as looking at it feels like you are looking at a scene from a fantasy book. 


Not a scene of a movie that is based on a fantasy book, no! Far beyond that. It feels like an actual place that can be very easily found within fiction books.


Yet with that being said, Havasu Falls also has the ‘Arizonian Vibe’ that we made up earlier and, maybe this is one of the places in which that can be felt mostly in. 


Keep in mind that if you plan to visit this place you will have to book for a minimum of one night. Havasu Falls is an adventure that cannot be taken for a short time. 


Important Things To Keep In Mind Before You Go Swimming In Arizona 


Important Things To Keep In Mind Before You Go Swimming In Arizona



At the very end we need to talk about safety measures and things you need to know if you plan to go swimming in any of the places we mentioned above.


Although there are a lot of people consistently visiting these places, we couldn’t find much information in regards to lifeguard and safety measures within the above mentioned places. 


While there possibly are things set in motion to prevent the worst from happening, you need to be ready on your own too. 


If you plan to go camping and hiking, and completely avoid the water; you need to follow the usual safety protocols of hiking


As far as swimming goes, make sure that all of the people who will be swimming are capable of it. Get swim lessons in preparation for your trip! This applies even if you are a local!


It is tremendously important that your children are capable of swimming if you plan to take them with you. Swim lessons for kids should be a high priority for you, if they aren’t good swimmers.


Other safety measures include not swimming while under the influence. That goes for any and all substances that can impact your cognitive abilities. 


Another very important safety measure is to never swim alone. Try to always have a friend or two with you who would be able to pull you out of the water if need be. 


In this vein, never allow your children to swim unsupervised and make sure that you are in close distance with them. 


Swimming in Arizona is something that you definitely should try, and in order for you to keep it a very fun experience safety should be your number one concern.