Pre-Swimming Workouts

Pre-Swimming Workouts

Swimming workouts are a well-documented way of keeping your body healthy and in shape. A lot of people partake in such workouts with the aim of gaining the health benefits. One sort of workouts that to an extent doesn’t get the same love and appreciation, are pre-swimming workouts. Or warm up workouts in general.


Although any professional athlete will tell you that warm up is essentially, the wider public seems to neglect this area. Warming up, isn’t only about gaining a slight competitive edge. This might come off as surprising to some people. If you happen to be surprised by that, allow us to explain.


Are pre-swimming workouts worth it?


Based on the type of workout, the benefits of pre-swimming workouts could include: increase in your mental focus, better blood circulation, increased muscular strength, enhanced muscular endurance, flowers the risk of injuries, and alleviates muscle soreness. 


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Best pre-swimming workouts:


Different sports have different warm ups. Swimming is an activity that requires you to use, pretty much, all the muscles in your body. Your pre-swimming workouts should be designed with that in mind.


Stretching – Stretching is the ‘go to’ warm up workout, of nearly all sports. As a pre-swimming workout, start by stretching the muscles in your upper body. Hands, neck, back, and so on. Then slowly make your way down to your legs and feet. Hold your stretches for 10 to 30 seconds. 


Walking/Jogging – After you are done stretching, it is time to start moving some. Begin by slowly walking in place, and move all the way up to jogging. Some people report feeling the cold more when they stretch under water, so this workout could help you keep warm too. Once you start moving, your body will be rushing blood to your muscles. 


Start slow – Once you feel ready to go, it is always important to start slow. Begin with soft strokes and go for minimal thrust. Have fun with it and take your time. You can then slowly begin to increase the intensity and go for whatever style you want to. 



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This entire process should take about 10 to 20 minutes max. 


Swimming is amazing, and as long as you are having fun, everything will hopefully be okay. However, pre-swimming workout can help you get the most out of swimming. You get to have fun, and be healthy too.