Hire A Pool Party Lifeguard In Toms River, NJ

Toms River, NJ Best Private Pool Party Lifeguard Services!

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private lifeguard for hire

1 Lifeguard

(1-15 Swimmers)
$ 70
00 Per Hour
  • For more information regarding our pricing for lifeguard services please contact us at any time.

2 Lifeguards

(16 - 31 Swimmers)
$ 110
00 Per Hour
  • For more information regarding our pricing for lifeguard services please contact us at any time.

3 Lifeguards

(32-47 Swimmers)
$ 175
00 Per Hour
  • For more information regarding our pricing for lifeguard services please contact us at any time.

Hire A Lifeguard In Toms River, NJ

InstaSwim offers pool party lifeguard services in Toms River, NJ!


Toms River, NJ pool party lifeguard services are important to ensure the safety of the swimmers. Drowning prevention is crucial during large pool parties because distractions are common and having a good peace of mind knowing that the swimmers are being watched over by a trained professional Lifeguard, allows you to relax during the pool party and enjoy yourself.


You can rest assured that our pool party Lifeguards in Toms River, NJ are well trained to handle emergency situations but are even better at PREVENTION! Drowning prevention is key to making sure that all swimmers are safe and following the rules of the lifeguard.


Each Lifeguard will bring the necessary equipment when arriving to the pool party which includes a rescue tube, a whistle, and a pocket mask.


InstaSwim private pool party lifeguard services in Toms River, NJ requires you to book atleast a minimum of 3 hours for your pool party event.


All of our pool party lifeguards in Toms River, NJ are certified, background checked, and carry a minimum of 2 years experience lifeguarding in private and public settings.


InstaSwim lifeguards use a preventative approach when it comes to ensuring safety of the swimmers. Although our lifeguards are trained to make saves, our approach is simple, prevent accidents from happening by minimizing risk!

Customers Reviews

"Rachel served as a lifeguard at my daughter's first birthday today. She was so sweet and very professional. With a lot of kids under 4 she kept the pool calm and happy for all the kids."
- Becky Battagliola
"We had Karlee and Jagimr lifeguard at my daughters 10th birthday. We had 25 kids swimming and peace of mind. They were both wonderful! Very attentive and polite. Both arrived on time and ready to lifeguard.
- Amy Ingardia-Walker
"Brian, thank you for always doing a great job watching over the kids in all our pool parties!! You are excellent and I'll highly recommend you."
- Nicholas Christopher Muscio

Lifeguard FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We recommend booking a Lifeguard for your event at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure we can accommodate your event in time. Please just consider that if you book too close to your event, we may not be able to find availability for your event. A rush fee may be charged depending on how close your event date to your booking is. You will be notified of this before paying.

Depending on the event size, one lifeguard will be assigned to 15 swimmers. *If more swimmers will be attending then you MUST book an additional lifeguard. Please view the ratio in the pricing section below. This is to ensure the safety of the swimmers.

In the case of a bad weather situation, or just a normal cancellation, to cancel or reschedule, you must contact our office at least 24 hours before your event date to notify us. We will not refund any amount paid to us if you fail to notify us within that 24 hour period of your event date. (This goes for any deposits, fees, payments for the lifeguards).

Our Lifeguards are freelancers and do not hold individual insurance policies. However, InstaSwim is insured under a general liability policy.

We require FULL PAYMENT within 48 Hours of your event date. This ensures that you are fully locked in with us and your Lifeguard. Failure to pay in full within 48 Hours of your booking will result in a $25 late payment fee for every day it is not paid. this will be added onto your invoice. InstaSwim will invoice you directly.

We charge a one time annual $25 booking fee. (This will be sent to you in a separate invoice) This $25 fee is due within 48 hours of your booking! As stated before, a rush fee may or may not be added onto your invoice. This depends on how close you booked your event to the event date.

Lifeguards In Action