Hello, please fill out and submit the form below. Once we receive your completed form, we will go ahead and send you the invoice via PayPal (You can pay via debit/credit) for the payment option you choose in the form. Once payment is received, we will send the official background check request via our partner Checkr aswell as submit your information to our insurance company. We do not offer any refunds on this payment once it has been submitted.


Please note that your insurance policy will end on 3/30/2024

Insurance Payment Submission Form (Returning)

Please select what payment option you choose(Required)
*Please note that the total insurance payment is $57.00. If you choose the payment plan of the 4 weekly installments, you will be sent a payment page link to set up your payment plan for your insurance policy. If you choose the deduction payment plan, you will be sent an invoice of $25 which must be paid up front before becoming insured with us.
Do you agree and understand that once payment is made and your insurance policy is processed, we cannot refund your payment under any circumstances.(Required)
*Please note that once you submit payment and we submit and process your insurance plan under our general liability policy, we cannot offer any refunds. Reason being is because our insurance company does not allow any refunds once the policy is processed.