Safety Protocol For Parents With Above Ground Swimming Pools

Safety Protocol For Parents With Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are a fantastic way of adding fun things to your garden, and can make the perfect place and tool to spend some really fun times during the hot summer days.


The best part about above ground swimming pools is that they can be relatively cheap when compared to the alternative. 


As attractive as having a swimming pool in our backyard may be, this is not something that we all can easily afford!


Above ground swimming pools are also amazing because of how easy they are to maintain and control. They can be ideal for places that see hot seasons and cold ones. 


If you are a parent, and you are considering purchasing an above ground swimming pool for you and your children we have prepared a safety protocol for you. 


It is the most normal thing on Earth to worry about the safety of your children, and especially to worry about their safety around water.


Time and time again, we mention how devastating water related accidents can be for all people involved. And even more terrifying, these accidents tend to affect children mostly. 


Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Above Ground Swimming Pools


Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Above Ground Swimming Pools



First and foremost, allow us to say that we believe what we said earlier about above ground swimming pools. They are fun and very enjoyable. 


However, you need to keep in mind that safety should always be your first priority and your biggest concern!


So before you go buying above ground swimming pools, please take a second and ask yourself a few questions, that can help define how you should approach the safety measures you will take. 


First question is: are my children old enough to understand the risk associated with above ground swimming pools, and bodies of water in general?


If in your household the children happen to be in their teenage years, it is much easier and much safer to keep any pool at your house. 


However, above ground swimming pools are mostly advertised towards younger children. Most of the time toddlers!


Which makes it even more difficult to answer that question with a resounding “yes!” For that reason, we will consider the answer to this question to be a ‘’no’’ for our purposes. 


If you find yourself answering yes however, worry not and continue reading along, as there will be safety tips that apply to everyone, toddlers, teenagers and even adults. 


Continuing with the second question, which is: is there a need for me to supervise family members using the pool and will I or another adult be able to do that?


The danger that bodies of water can represent isn’t something that only children are affected by. Sometimes, there is a need for supervision for other people, and not only children. 


Make sure that you have all of these things figured out before you purchase any above ground swimming pools. 


The third and final question is going to be one that ties safety and pragmatism together! Do I have the means to make sure that all safety protocols are followed when it comes to our above ground swimming pool?


If you have a swimming pool in your house, there are safety measures that you can take to ensure your and your children’s safety.


With above ground swimming pools, things are a bit different though. These differences aren’t necessarily more complex, but you need to make sure you are ready for them!


Safety And Above Ground Swimming Pools


Safety And Above Ground Swimming Pools



Having answered those questions, we have now taken our first step in ensuring safety for our above ground swimming pool!


Beyond this point, we will need to start taking practical steps based on the safety protocols for above ground swimming pools. 


Get Rid Of The Water – Going back to the question above ‘will you be able to provide supervision if need be for someone else?’ We can make sure to follow that by doing this simple thing.


Whenever you are done using the pool, make sure to get rid of the water. This way, even if someone falls on it while you aren’t looking, worst case scenario, they’ll end up with minor bruises. 


You can go a step further and deflate the swimming pool once you are done using it, and remove it from the place where you usually keep (if you have an inflatable pool).


Keeping the pool filled with water, only while you use it makes sure that if something were to happen (godforbid), at the very least you will be there. 


Swimming And Bathing Together – The best part about above ground swimming pools is that they present a great opportunity to have some fun family time, while combating the weather. 


Although, the children in most households are usually the ones to be most eager to use the pool, using it as a family can be fun and also make for increased safety measures. 


Going back to the fact that even if something were to happen you will be there and you will have the chance to react on time and avoid calamities. 


This works well with our first entry too. While you can simply supervise your children using the pool, being in there with them, and right next to them is even more ideal.


Prepare Yourself To Help – Both of the above mentioned safety tips, wouldn’t be much of help to you if you aren’t able to help those around you. 


One of the best things you can do is train yourself to give CPR / First Aid! You can get certifications for that online, or you can simply read about it, watch educational videos, etc.


Whichever way you choose to educate yourself, make sure that you are receiving the right information and do not fall for pseudoscientific advice. 


Get Swim Lessons For You Or Your Children – This is going to be the ultimate tool in your arsenal to prevent any and all swimming related accidents!


Both the CDC and The World Health Organization say that the best drowning prevention is for more people to learn how to swim. 


Swimming lessons ensure that if all other safety protocols fail, the one who falls in water will still be able to rescue themselves. 


It is of major importance that you keep this in mind. Swimming lessons are great not only for people who have pools in their house, but they represent a necessity for everyone who cannot swim properly. 


And maybe, considering all the safety protocols, a great starting point to enjoy some family time in your pool, be it above or underground, is to start with private swimming lessons!


That way, not only can you reap all the fun and benefits of your pool, but you also make sure that you avoid any undesired results in the future. 


If you are about to purchase above ground swimming pools, we hope that this can help you increase the safety around them. And we also, sincerely hope that you have a fantastic time while using it!