Stop Swimming Goggles Fogging Up – 6 Best Way

Stop Swimming Goggles Fogging Up

Stop Swimming Goggles Fogging Up – 6 Best Way


Everyone knows how frustrating it is when your swimming goggles get fogged up in the middle of your swim session, whether it is for leisure or a real swim race.


As you stop everything from trying to clear them, it can drastically interrupt the rhythm and flow of your training session.


Even worse, it may occur in the middle of a race and drastically impair your eyesight, making it more challenging to execute your turns precisely and endangering your chances of placing first. No one likes to swim with cloudy goggles as it reduces vision and can lead to injuries.


Is there a simple technique to find out how to stop swimming goggles fogging up because we can’t live without them?


The quick response is “yes”! You may use various techniques and specialized materials to stop swimming goggles fogging up. Today, we will suggest various methods and tricks to give you clearer swimming goggles:


Anti-Fog Spray


Solutions to combat the fog are really effective. Once you have applied your anti-fog coating to the lenses, regardless of whether you opted to buy anti-fog sprays or drops, you will immediately notice the difference. Using such products can help you stop swimming goggles fogging up with the express objective of preventing condensation and goggle fog. For frequent swimmers, this may quickly get pricey, so keep reading to learn about some other possibilities.


Pool Water


While you swim, your body temperature tends to increase, but the water’s temperature stays cold. Goggle fog can also be created by temperature fluctuations, perspiration, and other factors. To prevent fogging, just soak your face and goggles in the pool water before donning your goggles. This will give your face and goggles time to cool to a temperature closer to that of the water and slowly warm up to that of your body.




Although this immediately makes me shudder, saliva is the best way to stop swimming goggles fogging Up. It’s not only a healthy and cost-free solution, but it’s also excellent for anyone with sensitive eyes. By incorporating a barrier inside the lens, it prevents condensation from condensing into the fog and instead breaks it down into droplets that roll off the lenses. Due to how effectively it works, many swimmers prefer this anti-fog treatment approach. You’re good to go by spreading the saliva about the lenses!


Baby Shampoo


Despite the fact that you can use any shampoo, baby shampoo would be better to stop swimming goggles fogging up. Once more, you will be using the shampoo to create that barrier. Rinse the lenses off without touching them after gently massaging the shampoo into the lenses for 10 minutes.




The lenses of many goggles are equipped with anti-fog technology. This is a fantastic feature, but just like anything else, it has to be correctly maintained to keep the anti-fog coating intact. After your swim, be sure to rinse them with fresh water and give them time to air dry. It’s also a good idea to avoid putting your goggles on your head in between sets to stop swimming goggles fogging up.


Use Toothpaste


Many elite swimmers like to carry a little container of toothpaste about with them, which is another highly unexpected approach to prevent your goggles from steaming up.


By slathering a thick coating of toothpaste on the goggles’ lense, perspiration may be effectively prevented.


When you do rub something into your goggle lenses, just keep in mind to use your fingertips very gently. Most lenses today have an anti-fog coating, but if you wipe too hard, it might easily peel off!


In the end, buying goggles with a tight seal and a proper fit will help you know how to stop swimming goggles fogging up. A fantastic way to extend the life of anti-fog goggles is to purchase them and then top them out with an anti-fog solution.