Swim Lap Counter: How to Count Laps While Swimming

Swim Lap

A swimming lap is a swim practice where you swim from one end to another. Swimming laps at the swimming pool are excellent, but how can you track how far you have gone? Especially when swimming laps continuously without interruptions, it can be very easy to forget which lap you are on and miscount your swimming laps. A swim lap in a swimming pool is there and back and is typically 50 yards or meters.


Here we bring a few simple swim lap counter methods for counting swimming laps or estimating your swimming distance in the pool:




The most straightforward approach to determine how far you have come is to keep track of how long you spend in the water rather than worrying about the distance. Swimming for thirty minutes is easier to figure out than a swim lap counter.


Count Lengths:


Rather than swim lap counter, you can count lengths. It is a little bit easier to count lengths rather than swim laps counting. Because you will always know that there will be an odd number to swim in one direction and an even number to swim in another direction. it is easier to remember if you are length 10 or 12 than if you are on swim lap 5 or 6.


Wrist Watch:


The easiest lap swim counting way is to wear a water-resistant or waterproof wristwatch to click the swim lap counter function every lap. Then you have an exact swim lap count without worrying about keeping it in your mind.




It is the easiest way to swim lap counter. You can buy a set of goggles that automatically count your swimming laps by using a small compass. The goggles will show the swim lap count and duration of your swimming on the goggles lens.


Lane Dividers:


One of the best approaches for swimming laps counting is to use the lane dividers. You can combine the lane divider approach with a wristwatch. For instance, you can push the swim buoys on the lane divider away from the wall when you get in and then move one towards the wall for each swimming lap you complete before starting the next one. You can start pushing them back away from the wall when you get to ten. This is an easy and handy method available in most swimming pools.


Set Workout:


To avoid keeping count of how many laps you swim, you may plan a specific routine that you will accomplish in the swimming pool. Instead, you would adhere to the workout’s instructions and determine how far you would swim before even entering the pool.


For instance, a workout might be planned to include five laps of swimming as a warm-up, five sets of 100 meters (2 laps each), and five laps of swimming as a cool-down. You simply need to track where you are in your workout, not how many laps you have completed.


Lap Times:


You can track individual swim lap times or multi-swim lap times during swimming to get your average swim lap counter. To determine how far you swim, divide your swimming time by your average swim lap time.




You can take someone else’s help to find your swim lap counter. For instance, you can take the help of your friend or coach, who can count your swimming laps and let you know your performance.




You can use letters and words instead of counting swimming laps. You can begin with the letter A and think of the words that start with this letter on your first lap swim. Do the same on your second swimming lap, you can think of words beginning with the letter B. If your swim lap counter reaches 26 or more, you can start over and count the number of times you get through the alphabet.


Knowing the accurate lap swim counter makes the difference between hitting your swimming goal and missing it. Nothing is more annoying than completing your workout and having no idea about your performance. To know how far you have gone and what you just did, follow the tips mentioned above to help you get the accurate swim lap counting.