Private At Home Swimming Lessons

Swim Lesson Programs

They say the earlier the better! Infants can learn to swim early on which can accelerate their confidence!

Our instructors focus on building confidence in the water as well as life saving skills for toddlers.

Children that choose to take private swim lessons can help accelerate their growth at a rapid level!

It’s never to late to start learning how to swim. Impress your loved ones and learn this valuable skill.

We Travel To You

Our instructors travel to your provided location to teach swimming lessons!

FLEXIBLE Scheduling

You and your provided instructor can work out a plan that works around your busy schedule!

Experienced Instructors

Instaswim instructors are highly skilled and provide excellent service to our clients!

Personalized Lessons

Our instructors give our students a one-on-one personalized experience that you don't receive in camps!

How It Works


Registration is fast and easy! Submit your registration and we will connect you with right instructor!


Once we process your registration, your instructor will contact you for scheduling.

Start Learning

When scheduling is setup, you are ready to start lessons with Instaswim!

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