Swimming Pool Exercises: Try Pool Exercises to Get a Full Body Workout

Swimming Pool Exercises: Try Pool Exercises to Get a Full Body Workout Why not try water
Pool Exercise

Swimming Pool Exercises: Try Pool Exercises to Get a Full Body Workout


Why not try water training if you want a break from your typical fitness regimen? Water activities may provide a fantastic full-body workout without some disadvantages of land workouts.


What could be more cooling in the humid summer than submerging yourself in the water while exercising? Additionally, a heated indoor pool in the winter may keep you warm no matter how frigid it is outside.


Here are some swimming pool exercises that work for your body’s key muscle groups.


Swimming pool exercises to get a full body workout


Walk-in water:


An excellent pool exercise, to begin with, is walking in water since it gives you practice creating resistance. Adding hand or ankle weights will boost the intensity.

  •  Start by wading into waist-deep water.
  •  Instead of walking on tiptoes, extend your spine and walk by putting stress on your heels and toes.
  •  Stand straight and maintain your core engaged as you walk for another 5–10 minutes.

Arms that lift water:


Your arm muscles will become more robust due to these swimming pool exercises. Dumbbells made of foam can be used to increase resistance.

  •   Standing with your shoulders in water.
  •   Your hands should be facing up while you have the dumbbells at your side.
  •  Raise your forearms to the water level while bringing your elbows near your torso.
  •  Turn your palms downward by rotating your wrists.
  •  Returning to the beginning posture, lower your arms.
  •  Perform 1-3 sets of 10–15 repetitions for each exercise.

Sideways arm raises:


The ideal way to perform this upper body swimming pool exercise is using foam dumbbells.

  •   Standing with your shoulders in water.
  •   Dumbbells are held at your sides.
  •   Now position your arms by your sides.
  •   Perform 1-3 sets of 8–14 reps.

Back wall glide:


The muscles in your lower body and core are helped to contract by these swimming pool exercises.

  •   Maintain position on the side of the pool by slapping your feet on the wall and tucking your knees to your chest.
  •  Get your knees to the chest and force your feet to the bottom of the water as you run back to the wall.
  •  For five to ten minutes, continue this activity.

Jumping jacks:


Jumping jack swimming pool exercise strengthens your upper and lower body muscles. Weights at the wrist and ankle might increase resistance.

  •  At chest level, float in the water, stand with feet and hold arms at the side.  
  •  You may bounce by extending your legs and raising your arms beyond your head.
  •  With your feet jointly and arms by sides, jump once more to return to where you were.
  •  Execute 1-3 sets of 8–12 replays.

Leg shoots:


This intense workout is one of the best swimming pool exercises that strengthens your legs, low back, and core.

  •   For this workout, keep your feet off the pool’s bottom.
  •   Kneel and tuck them into your chest.
  •   Stretch your legs and feet forward forcefully while floating flat on the back.
  •   Knees tucked in and down to the chest.
  •   So that you are swimming on your belly, extend your legs behind you.
  •   This is repeated once. Perform 1-3 sets of 8–12 reps.

Swimming Pool Exercises


Extensions for high-knee lifts:


Your lower body and core muscles can become more vital with this swimming pool workout. To make it harder, add ankle weights.

  •  At waist level, float in the water.
  •  Raise your right leg, curving your knee till it is similar to the water while keeping the core engaged.
  •  Spend a little moment pausing with your leg up.
  •  Straighten out your leg and maintain it there for a few seconds.
  •  Straighten out your leg as you slowly drop it.
  •  Keep going for 5 to 10 minutes.

Leg kicks:


Your legs and core muscles will work throughout this workout. To make it harder, add ankle weights.

  •   Hold a kickboard or the side of the pool.
  •   Kick your legs erratically.
  •   Kick your legs open and shut like scissors.
  •   Use your legs to kick breaststroke-style.
  •   Dolphin kicks in your wake.
  •   Do each kick for one to three minutes.

Safety advice


  • When performing swimming pool exercises, you could sweat more than you expect, so be sure to keep hydrated by consuming enough fluids before and after your workout.
  • Do not exercise in a pool that has been heated over 90°F (32°C).


Working out in the water increases your cardiac fitness and builds your body’s primary muscle groups. Anyone with joint problems or injuries and those who are pregnant or have balance challenges can benefit greatly from pool workouts.


Before starting any new full-body workout regimen, or if you have any health concerns, see your doctor.