Is Swimming With Dolphins Safe And Should You And Your Family Do It?

Is Swimming With Dolphins Safe And Should You And Your Family Do It

Swimming with dolphins can be one hell of an adventure! Especially if you are an animal lover and someone who finds swimming and/or the sea enjoyable. 


Yet, for most people swimming with dolphins is something that we see on TV, or hear and come into contact with through the internet and other means. 


Think about how many people you personally know that have gone swimming with dolphins? If you’ve done it yourself before, chances are high you know people who’ve done it too.


If you are one of those people who could answer the above question with a relatively big number, then this might not be the best thing for you. 


While we will do our best to do justice to the topic of swimming with dolphins, keep in mind that this post is mostly meant for people who are simply curious about the safety when it comes to swimming with Dolphins. 


With that out of the way, allow us to tell you all the amazing things that are related to swimming with dolphins, while we keep a keen focus on safety and safety measures.


How Can One Go Swimming With Dolphins?


How Can One Go Swimming With Dolphins (2)



First and foremost, how can you even go swimming with dolphins? There are two main ways that swimming with dolphins can be done.


Firstly we have swimming with dolphins in captivity. This is the most common form of swimming with dolphins, and it is also usually the sort of activity that some families take part in. 


There are plenty of companies that specialize in holding wild animals captive. Some of them allow for  guests and clients to pet the animals, while others allow for swimming too. 


For reasons that will become obvious later on, we won’t mention any names of companies that provide such services. 


There is also swimming with dolphins in the wild. Right off the bat, allow us to say: DO NOT do this! Under no circumstance should you go swimming with dolphins in the wild. 


This practice is not only extremely dangerous, it is also illegal. Most places only give permits to follow and observe animals to scientists. 


By knowing the available options for swimming with dolphins we can already say that it is never a good idea to go swimming with dolphins in the wild. 


You wouldn’t want to pursue and follow a grizzly bear around. Just like grizzly bears, dolphins are wild animals too, and if cornered they will attack and cause major risks to your health and well being. 


Dolphins are truly majestic animals! On top of that they are apex predators of the sea. They can swim at extraordinary speeds and are blessed with a high intelligence. 


We believe that the idea that “going for a swim with dolphins in the wild is a bad idea’’ is an easy to grasp concept. The issues begin to rise once you take into account the other form of swimming with dolphins. 


Should You Go Swimming With Dolphins In Captivity?


Should You Go Swimming With Dolphins In Captivity



It can be really enticing to try one of the many places that offer these types of services. Not only does the concept seem fun but these companies go one step further. 


If you look at the promotional material that they put out, it is filled with happy faces, cheerful smiles and somehow, smiling dolphins. 


Well, the facade of the happy sea animals at an aquarium is one that has been destroyed for a while now. We all know that the animals in there are anything but happy.


As experts point out, the happy dolphin faces that you see on these ads aren’t happy faces. That’s just how dolphins look. 


There are many more reasons why you shouldn’t go for a swim with dolphins in captivity. However, the main one can be said to be the lack of safety.


Always remember that we are talking about a predator of an animal. There is no way to know for sure when the instinct to attack might kick in.


We have countless reports of many different injuries people have faced by going in and swimming with dolphins.  The risk factors become much bigger and increase in numbers once we are talking about children. 


Other than safety, there is also a moral argument to be made against swimming or any other activity, for that matter, with dolphins in captivity. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life!


When it comes to these companies though, they breed dolphins for the soul purpose of entertaining humans and living a lifetime of captivity!


Swimming can be a great way to keep yourself in health, lose weight or just in general swimming makes for a great hobby.


However, doing so with dolphins isn’t worth the risk or the moral erosion it represents. We would recommend that you stick to swimming alone, or even better with other humans!