SWOLF Swimming: The Ultimate Ways to Improve SWOLF Score

SWOLF Swimming

Today’s amateur cyclists and runners have access to some pretty remarkable technologies. You may spend hours analysing your workouts using various free running or cycling apps, going in-depth with splits, cadence, power, heart rate, and other metrics. Because less technical devices are water-resistant, swimmers may see why landlubber athletes make them jealous. On the other hand, the best swimming watches provide a solution for the tech-savvy swimmer, and one of the most essential swim-specific metrics on these trackers is your SWOLF swimming score.


What is SWOLF? Swimming SWOLF, a concept that combines swimming with golf, has been around for a while, and you’ve probably heard of it before. If you haven’t done it before, it’s computed by summing the number of seconds and strokes needed to swim 25 or 50 metres. And, like golf handicaps, the lesser the SWOLF swimming score, the better.


If you really want to boost your SWOLF score, then we can help you by providing some excellent ways to enhance your SWOLF score: We present here some top tips along with the method to use the Speedo On data to your benefit:


Don’t view it as a contest:


You can’t actually compare your SWOLF swimming score to others like you can a personal best who considers herself an intermediate swimmer and is presently tracking her open swimming drill. It’s vital to keep this in mind. You might drive yourself too hard and use more energy than necessary if you approach it as a competition and attempt to match others’ stroke rates. In the end, you risk slowing yourself down.


Don’t think of it as a splash and run: 


Depending on how far you plan to swim, you should concentrate on determining your best stroke rate. It’s helpful to be able to get the data a swimming fitness tracker has gathered after a workout. Seeing it as a graph makes it especially easy to spot performance peaks and dips. You can pinpoint the accurate moment at which you found the pace and stroke rate that felt correct for you.


Think about improving your technique:


If you want to improve your SWOLF swimming score, you should think of improving your technique to enhance your efficiency.  You can follow some useful tips to improve your swimming techniques. Boosting your efficiency is all about perfecting your craft irrespective of workout type, especially over long distances. Your SWOLF swimming score is only beneficial if you are aware of the requirements for effective swimming, actively focus on enhancing your approach and recognize that speed is not necessarily about swimming more strokes per minute.


Using fewer strokes is made possible by lowering drag. The secret is to lengthen and extend your stroke as much as possible because doing so will help your catch and propulsion. Aim to maintain your hand relaxed, and your fingers arranged like a rake during the catch. Use your forearm as a paddle and raise your arm back to your hip. Use your core muscles to maintain your body straight, and consider your body as a pencil.


Concentrate on your core:


Good technique is built on solid core muscles. They assist you in controlling your breathing and allow you to stretch, twist, and move flawlessly through the water quickly. This helps lessen your stroke count and boosts your SWOLF swimming score.


Your athletic performance will boost, and you will have more power in the water if your core is solid and stable. Additionally, a strong and durable core will also help lower your chance of injury.


Before entering the swimming pool, you should perform some best bodyweight workouts, such as side plank rotations, plank walk-ups, and rotating hips & shoulders, which maintain and stabilise the hips.


It’s vital to maintain a balance between workouts that target the anterior & posterior muscles, as well as rotational & anti-rotational activities. And always keep in mind that you are only as powerful as your weakest link; therefore, you should endeavour to cover all significant parts of your body.


If you follow these ultimate SWOLF swimming score-boosting tips the next time you are in the swimming pool, you will be able to keep track of your strokes, keep up a ready pace, and chip away at your SWOLF swimming score.