Tech Suit: Why Competitive Swimmers Wear Tech Suits

Tech Suit

A tech suit, also known as a technical racing suit, is a highly-manufactured compression tech swimsuits that assists you in swimming faster, reduces fatigue, and glides longer. They have the latest rigid stretch fabric technology, which allows for maximum compression when molding the suit to the body. Your body will be leaner than ever, and you’ll swim faster if you wear a tight tech suit while shaving your full body.


Why Do Competitive Swimmers Wear Technical Suits?


To swim best on race day, competitive swimmers trust technical suits to assist them in maximizing their hard work at swim practice.


Here are the main ways that swimming tech suits help competitive swimmers perform better:




Technical suits come in small sizes. This is to assist in compressing the swimmer’s body into a hydrodynamic position and also encourage blood flow to the target muscles. They contain panels that are specially designed to assist your glutes and hip muscles, offering a light compression that improves performance.


Water-Repellent Fabric:


The technical suits are made of dry fabrics that repel water and cause less drag in the water. Compared to normal training suits that are mostly made of nylon or polyester, the fabric can absorb plenty of water. This fabric repels water and also reduces drag in the water.


Enhanced Speed in The Pool:


Technical suits will definitely work while swimming. Swimming tech suits are made of hydrophobic microfilament fabrics which are water resistant. This fabric reduces drag staggering by eight percent. The tech suit swimming resists contact with water, pushing the water away from the swimmer’s body, making them swim faster.


Mental Benefits:


For most swimmers, a tech suit is their wrap and safeguard, a piece of swimming wear that enhances their confidence on race day. Although the psychological benefits are tough to describe, wearing a shiny, expensive swim suit that you know is highly hydrodynamic can assist you perform better on race day.


What is Considered a Swim Tech Suit?


Two main things make a swimming suit a tech suit:




Technical suits are made of woven fabric and bonded seams. The normal training suits are made of thicker textiles and have sewn seams.




A tech suit is not permitted to go above the navel or below the knee for male. For females, technical suits cannot cover the neck and go past the shoulders or below the knee.


For men, Technical Suits cannot go below the knee or over the navel. Whereas technical Suits for women are not permitted to cover their neck, go past their shoulders, or below their knees.


FINA assesses technical suits, and they put their stamp on them to approve them for competition.


Also, evaluate a swimsuit to ensure that it complies with standards for coverage, thickness, and materials when it bears the “FINA Approved” label or a small FINA QR code on a sticker on the back.


Key Differences Between Technical Suits & Regular Training Swimming Wears


Here are the main differences between the swimwear you wear during swimming and the ones you should wear at swimming meets.




Training swimwear is made of polyester, a very durable fabric, but it does not stretch and fades when exposed to chlorine or UV rays.


Technical Suits for swimming are made with a combination of water-repellent fabrics, with the two main materials being polyamide and spandex. This fabric is excellent for reducing drag in the pool, but the fabric is delicate and does not have a long lifespan. A tech suit can be used around 12 to 15 times, depending upon your care.




Training suits are stronger and have a long lifespan, which makes them best for training situations. They do not stretch and fade when they come in contact with chlorinated water.


On the other hand, Technical Suits are designed for competition. Competitive swimmers prefer to wear a tech suit to give their best performance at swim meets.




Men’s training suits for swimming come in various shapes like speedo, square cut, and training jammers. Technical Suits for men cover only the area between the hip to the top of the knees.


Similarly, training swimming suits for women come in various shapes and fabrics, whereas Technical Suits come in limited shapes. Technical Suits for women, also known as knee skin which is a regular swimming suit along with a jammer


Technical Suits are one of many innovations designed to help competitive swimmers compete quicker than ever at swim meets. Technical Suits are an expensive investment in your swimming since they are made of water-repellent materials intended to increase blood flow and compress the body.


Ultimately, whether you decide to race with a tech suit at your upcoming swim meet should come down to how well you are trained, how much money you are ready to spend, and finding the perfect tech suit for you.