The 5 Most Amazing Places In Texas

Amazing Places In Texas

When it comes to finding amazing places in Texas, as we found out, you can very easily get overwhelmed. Texas has so many things to offer, it is hard to pick what you can accept. 


In trying to decide what are the 5 most amazing places in Texas, we also realized that there was no way we could make an unbiased report on this topic.


We decided that the best approach would be to be upfront about our biases and about the sort of criteria that we had in place for choosing the entries of this list. 


Texas and its residents have been through a lot lately, and instead of being angry that you favorite place in Texas didn’t make the list, we suggest you view this as just a reminder of how awesome Texas actually is. 


With that aside let us get right into the meat of today’s topic and start counting the most amazing places in Texas. 


1. Caddo Lake State Park 


Caddo Lake State Park


We begin by talking about a state park. Since Texas has so many of them, and we are avid lovers of nature and all things outdoor, we assure you that this won’t be the last entry of this sort.


Caddo Lake State Park is one of the very few state parks that actually have a natural lake within its borders. This is due to the lack of natural lakes in Texas in General.


The lake is definitely natural, but looking at it, makes you think that not only is it not natural, but that this lake has come from another world, from a world where magic is real.


A lot of reviews seem to associate the aesthetic and feel of the Caddo Lake with movies such as Lord Of The Rings, and such.


The lake definitely is the best part of the whole state park, but what makes Caddo Lake State Park one of the most amazing places in Texas is the huge variety of things you can do there.


There are 46 campsites, you can find 76 different species of fish, fishing is permitted, there’s paddling options, and you shouldn’t miss the legendary wooden cabins, which are available for rent. 


2. Willow City Loop 


Willow City Loop


This is one of the most interesting entries in our list. We definitely believe that Willow City Loop is a worthy place to be considered one of the most amazing places in Texas.


However, unlike a state park or an entire town, Willow City Loop is very limited in that it is only a ride that is 13 miles long. 


At first that might come off as weird. Just one look, at one picture of this place and that is all you need to see why we love Willow City Loop so much. 


This destination has become so beloved by Texans and others alike, that the biggest complaint this place gets, is that it can at times be too crowded. If you can, avoid weekends. 


The Willow City Loop ride can take you into another world for a few minutes. The perfect scenes and the amazing sights are such a mesmerizing mix, that you will at times feel like you are in a fantasy land, and at others it feels like you are in the past.


Speaking of timing, the flowers that characterize this place so much, usually bloom during the spring, and that is the time when Willow City Loop actually is one of the most amazing places in Texas. 

3. Krause Springs


Krause Springs


Yet again we embark on a somewhat controversial entry. You see why we felt like clarifying our stance at the beginning? We definitely love Krause Springs, we have mentioned it before, and we probably will talk of it again. 


This destination is so awesome because it offers so many things, all included into one package. You are most likely familiar with Krause Springs if you are an avid swimmer.


But Krause Springs offers so much more than just bathing and swimming in its famous and beloved springs. 


Krause Springs is one of the most amazing places in Texas because it offers scenic views, fountains, the Butterfly Gardens, camping and there is also a VR park. 


Texas is seeing more and more tourists every year, and all the main destinations are somewhat suffering from overpopulation so to speak. 


Krause Springs is not precisely an exception of this rule, but here things aren’t as bad as they are in some other places. So now would be the perfect time for you to arrange a trip there. 


4. Palo Duro Canyon 


Palo Duro Canyon


Palo Duro Canyon might not be the most famous canyon in the US. However, everyone who has ever been there can vouch for how amazing this place is. 


The entire park here is breathtaking. At just the first glance you can see how awesome the color scheme of this place makes for a perfect mix of green and red.


Then on that of all the beautiful scenes, Palo Duro Canyon also sees snow at different times of the year, giving the color scheme a new entry, that somehow adds to the beauty and mystique of this place. 


Other than absolutely stunning views, here you will find a diverse wildlife. One of the main things that tourists like to do here is bird seeing. 


Palo Duro Canyon makes the list of the most amazing places in Texas fairly easy when you consider all the other amazing things that this place has to offer.


We are talking about horseback riding, hiking, biking, geocaching, the Texas musical drama show, and this place is also known for having plenty of scientific studies take place. 


5. Blue Lagoon and Huntsville State Park 


Huntsville State Park


As you already said there are many, many awesome places in Texas. Choosing only 5 has been quite a challenge. 


Choosing Blue Lagoon was easy, as we could also talk about Huntsville State Park. You see Blue Lagoon is located there. 


Huntsville State Park has a huge array of things to offer for anyone visiting. The usuals like designated areas for swimming and fishing, camping, hiking and such. 


But even beyond that Huntsville State Park is an awesome destination, with wonderful nature and a very lovely and welcoming staff.


Blue Lagoon sits as the cherry on top of an already amazing destination. In fact Blue Lagoon is more famous than the park itself, and most people visit Huntsville Park only so that they can see the Blue Lagoon.


Making our picks for the most amazing places in Texas has made us change our mind plenty of times. It is truly hard to choose between the things you love.


If you were searching for amazing places in Texas, because you were planning a visit, or even just curious, we hope that we have satisfied some of your needs.