The Truth About Covid Symptoms In Kids

Kids With Masks Ready to Go To School

Covid symptoms in kids make for a very interesting topic. Mostly due to the fact that Covid symptoms in kids should be detected and monitored by someone else.


With adults it is easier, as they are more capable of depicting their symptoms to a healthcare professional. Adults also are more likely to realize that something is wrong sooner. 


We previously have talked about the Covid symptoms in toddlers, and we wanted to additionally talk about kids too. 


There is a difference in the importance of detecting these symptoms based on the age group. First you have the obvious parental concerns regarding Covid. 


Every parent wants to tell if their child is sick. However, with toddlers, that’s as far as the concern usually goes. 


Seeing how schools are reopening step by step, when it comes to kids, it is way more important that we detect Covid and prevent them from spreading it. 


What Are The Covid Symptoms In Kids?


Covid Symptoms In Kids


The most common Covid symptoms in kids are you usual Covid symptoms. The list includes all the things you probably are familiar with: 


The CDC Mentioned the following as the main Symptoms to look out for: Fever or chills, cough, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache, tiredness, difficulties breathing, headaches, body aches and poor appetite. 


First we had to know what the symptoms are, before we could dwell deeper into why they are important and what the truth about them is. 


More often than not however, children do not display any of these symptoms. They are the largest group which tend to be asymptomatic. 


The Bigger Picture About Covid Symptoms In Kids


Woman Gets Temperature Checked


Understanding that kids tend to be asymptomatic and that they are less likely to have a severe case, helps us put things into perspective.


Something that became the norm due to the pandemic are the temperature checks. Most places have chosen this screening process as it is the cheapest one to implement, but is it accurate?


First of all we need to understand how varying the symptoms of Covid may be, from person to person. Add in the fact that there are asymptomatic patients, and a pattern starts to form. 


Temperature checks have been mostly a way of making people feel safe. They work mostly as a neat trick to create ease of mind for people.


Based on all the science and all the data, the one and only reliable method of screening cases of Covid, seems to be testing. Without tests, it is very hard to have a reliable screening method. 


Now Covid symptoms in kids are less likely to manifest, making the development of a screening method, essentially, impossible.


As we already touched upon the school reopening, you can see how this can be a huge issue. Not only is it dangerous for the kids, but it is way worse for the families of the kids. 


Think of how many kids will go to school while being positive for the Corona virus, and not knowing it. This is where the biggest problem with reopening schools lies, in our opinion. 


Indeed, kids and younger people are not at risk, but first of all low risk doesn’t mean there isn’t any risk at all. We see times and times again how Covid could be extremely detrimental to anyone. 


For example, recently, Khamzat Chimaev, a rising superstar within the UFC (a fighting promotion) had to call  quits on his career, due to lingering effects of Covid.

As Chimaev alluded in a instagram post, his lungs are wrecked and he cannot continue to train and perform at an athletic level anymore. 


So if Covid can do such huge damage to someone who is otherwise completely healthy, and on top of that is an athlete within one of the most demanding and grueling sports out there, imagine what it can do to normal people. 

We aren’t trying to scaremonger here, but it is necessary that we understand the situation we are in. The truth about Covid symptoms in kids is very related to the truth about reopening schools. 


After taking everything into consideration, and after talking about how covid symptoms in kids are hard to detect, what is the solution here?


Unfortunately there isn’t one. At least, there isn’t a solution that is both safe and good for the education of our youth. 


We all are in a position where there isn’t anything we can do, and all that is left for us is to hope and pray that the vaccines get distributed quickly and efficiently. 


On the other hand, we can all just try our best to keep following the guidelines of dealing with a pandemic. Following the WHO advice is the best tool we have right now.