How The World Health Organisation Travel Passport Could Change The World Forever

World Health Organisation Travel Passport

The World Health Organisation travel passport could be one of the most interesting and futuristic things to come out of this pandemic.


Recently we are seeing more and more news circulating about the pandemic situation in Israel. It seems that the Jewish state is returning to normalcy at a rate far superior than the rest of the world.


For vaccinated citizens, life in Israel has almost returned to the old normal. The World Health organisation Travel Passport could represent something similar but on a far greater scale.


The way that Israel chose to remove the restrictions brought upon its citizens by the pandemic, was heavily based on and thanks to vaccines. 


Right now, for vaccinated Israelis bars and restaurants are opened, night life is becoming more and more a thing, and everything else seems to be following suit. 


This tells us one very direct and crucial important thing: vaccines work. For example on February 24th Israel documented 4243 new cases of Covid, a month later on March 24th there were a little under 700. 


However, more than that it can also help us better understand the World Health Organisation travel passport better. 


What Is the World Health Organisation travel passport?

Why Is The World Health Organisation Travel Passport Important

The World Health Organisation travel passport is a bit of a misnomer, so to speak, it usually refers to the idea of granting passports to people vaccinated with any anti-covid vaccine, which would enable them to travel.


This means that people who do not possess the World Health Organisation travel passport, will not be allowed to travel the same way that those who do are. 


It is quite a heavy topic, and although officially as of March 9th of 2021, the world health organisation travel passport isn’t really a thing, because WHO itself seems to be against the idea.


Officials from WHO said that they don’t like the idea of a world health organisation travel passport, and advised against it. 


The World Health Organisation travel passport, although has the name of WHO in it, will actually be totally unrelated to WHO. 


That is because the release of such travel passports will be a duty for individual countries to perform and to choose whether to implement. 


This is why we referred to the World Health Organisation travel passport as a misnomer, because it essentially has nothing to do with WHO. 


A more adequate term than The World Health Organisation travel passport would be simply Covid Travel Passport, or Covid Travel Authorization. 


Unfortunately it seems that the phrase “World Health Organisation travel passport” has been the main way people are referring to such documents, so we decided to stick with it for the sake of simplicity.


Why Is The World Health Organisation Travel Passport Important?

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With an understanding of what the world health organisation travel passport is, it is normal to ask, why does it matter, and why should we talk about it.


The significance of such a document first lays in how things are going to be once the vaccines become more widely available, and how we can prevent a second reincarnation of the Covid pandemic. 


Some experts have thrown ideas such as mandatory vaccinations. However, mandatory medical procedures don’t cherish any adoration by most people. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moral concerns. Not unlike Israel, here in the US, we’ve been quite efficient with our vaccine distribution. 


As of right now there have been more than 100 million vaccines given in the US. However, the rest of the world isn’t seeing the same numbers.


You have countries in Europe for example, with populations of over 2 million, that so far have gotten a total of mere tens of thousands in vaccines. 


We see similar situations all over the world and not just in Europe. It seems that while in some US states, a teenager can get a vaccine, in some others, there isn’t enough for the elderly or even for the doctors and nurses. 


This severe difference in distribution, is one of the main concerns that WHO pointed out when they advised against a so-called “World Health Organisation travel passport”.


It is clear that right now, implementing such measures would clearly hurt only specific countries which didn’t get vaccines to begin with.


This mess gets even more frustrating when you realize that the geopolitical factors at play are huge here, and most western countries risk losing some major allies due to the way that we’ve been handling the vaccine distribution. 


How The World Health Organisation Travel Passport Could Change The World?

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So is there anything that we can do? Does there seem to be any sort of method that can provide both safety while also being morally okay. 


Unfortunately it seems that all we have right now is to try our best and prove that vaccines are safe, and convince as many people to partake in taking them. 


As far as choosing a method on how we progress in the future, beyond getting vaccinated, it seems too hard to tell. 


Of course, the best course of action will be something that experts can find, but how sure are we that the politicians will listen?


The way that the world will change in the future due to the pandemic is of course not very clear, and details are murky at best. What is guaranteed however, is that we will see changes, and major changes at that. 


We just need to make sure that these changes are not hurtful and are there just so that they may help us build a better and more secure future. 


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