3 Things Everyone Who Owns A Swimming Pool Must Know

3 Things Everyone Who Owns A Swimming Pool Must Know

Swimming pool family time! That’s something that pretty much everyone would be down for, especially people who live in hotter areas. 


But when it comes down to it, any person who has a swimming pool in their house will tell you that it is not all fun and games under the sun. 


Owning a swimming pool can prove to be a very demanding experience. Unlike owning, say a gazebo, there is more to swimming pools than simply building and placing them.


You have to maintain, fix and upgrade them over the years. That can be an intimidating task and idea for some, to the point where people avoid getting a swimming pool for that very reason. 


To be fair, it’s not that much work to get your swimming pool in the right conditions, maintain it here and not allow for it to break down. 


Maintenance is something that most people know is a factor when it comes to a swimming pool, but there are other things that you should consider when it comes to it. 


Today we will count down those specific things, the things that every swimming pool owner should know and pay attention to. 


A Swimming Pool Can Turn Into A Menace


A Swimming Pool Can Turn Into A Menace



As we discussed already, a swimming pool can be a very fun and amazing addition to everyone’s house


At the same time, if you have a swimming pool you should absolutely be aware that it can turn into a menace really quickly. 


Based on all the data we have, there are about 390 deaths per year that happen in swimming pools and spas


Of course, a sizable chunk of that is fatalities that happen in public pools and other similar places. 


At the same time, there is the other part of that number, that is most likely fatalities that happen in swimming pools within private houses and with private owners. 


This doesn’t mean that getting a swimming pool isn’t worth it though. The great thing about these things is that you can take measures to circumvent any harmful and dangerous events. 


As a responsible pool owner you must do your best to be prepared for any situation and to create a safe swimming environment!


There are many things you can do to create that, we would point out a few simple things like: getting swimming lessons, always being alert of children using the pool, etc. 


If you want to know more about these things it is ideal that you do more research on this topic, ask friends and family. Simply put effort in to learn more about safety and safety measures around a swimming pool!


A Swimming Pool Can Make A Chemist Out Of You


A Swimming Pool Can Make A Chemist Out Of You



Everyone is familiar with the saying that if you go to a swimming pool in a public place, and there are a lot of children there… Well… Most of the water is probably less nature made and more man made. 


This can be true, at times, but we don’t really like to think about that too much. That’s the rule as far as public places go.


If we are talking about something that is in your own house, well we can’t really ignore that fact, can we?


Even though the majority of home pools are cleaner than public pools, there is still work that you need to put in to make that happen. 


The best thing about your swimming pool being used only by you and your close circle of friends and family helps a lot. To avoid contamination of any sort though, you still need to put in some work.


The key to keeping a pool clean is to keep a chemical balance within it. You want to use substances that disinfect, but you don’t want to turn the water toxic. 


Chlorine for example is the most famous and widely used substance in this regard. Use too little and your pool is unsanitary, use too much and your skin will pay the price.


With “A swimming pool can make a chemist out of you” we are referring to the fact that keeping a pool clean will require a bit of technical know-how on the substances you can and will use!


Keeping a pool clean however is going to require a bit more than simply using the right amount of the right chemicals. It also requires things like pH control, backwashing, regular skimming, etc.


A Swimming Pool Is Meant To Be Fun, Keep It That Way


A Swimming Pool Is Meant To Be Fun, Keep It That Way



This sort of ties everything we’ve talked about so far together. Not only the two things to know about, listed above, but even the paragraphs before that. 


You see, a lot of people fall down a similar road of owning a pool and letting that fact turn into something that gives their daily life an unhealthy dose of misery. 


The point of having a swimming pool in your house is to have fun with it, not to let it become something that adds to your stress levels. 


The best way to make sure that you do this the right way is to keep the above mentioned safety measures in mind and get things sorted out from the get go!


Get swimming lessons for your children, or any other family member who can’t swim, make a weekly routine of 30 minutes to maintain the pool, or to clean it. 


Again, don’t view it as a task that has to be done, something akin to a job. It shouldn’t be so, it should be more like the road trip before a destination. 


Even though the whole point is to get to the destination (ie. have fun within the pool), you have to get through the trip to make it there (ie. keep things clean and safe). 


We really love swimming and a swimming pool in your own backyard or something like that is truly fantastic and hopefully these tips will help you make the most out of it. 


Also, worthy of mentioning is that not all pools have to be crazy expensive. If you enjoy water, consider purchasing an above ground swimming pool!