4 Things To Know if You’re Having a Pool Party In Vegas

Pool Party In Vegas

To have a pool party in Vegas, could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. From the eyes of a tourist a pool party in Vegas is an event that you might consider going to as part of your trip.


For a local however, a pool party in Vegas is something completely different. The only thing that doesn’t change for anyone partaking in a pool party in Vegas is the fun and enjoyment that all pool parties provide. 


If you’re planning on having a pool party at your local pool, we would like to give you a list of the four ultimate things that you need to know.  


Of course, this is not the end all be all of pool parties and there are things that we won’t cover. View the following advice as the basics to cover in preparation for a pool party.


We understand that some of our readers are not from Vegas and if you are one of them, please do read along, all the way to the end.


The advice covered here will most likely apply to any pool parties. We’ve aimed to make the information below useful to any pool party host.


1. Safety For Your Pool Party In Vegas


Lifeguard At The Beach


The main concern for a pool party in Vegas (or for any pool parties) in the mind of the host will always be the safety measures. 


What can one do to ensure the safety of a pool party in Vegas? Let’s begin with the most essential and important thing: lifeguards!


In a report by the CDC they state that the likelihood of someone drowning in a lifeguarded beach is less than one in 18 million! Yes, you read that right.


The last thing you want from your pool party is for it to turn into a source of, godforbid, tragedy. Getting a lifeguard for your pool party in Vegas can also be very easy.


One of the main things that can be said as a counter-argument to having lifeguards in your party, can be the high rates that are associated with these services.

Don’t let that discourage you. Most of the companies that offer lifeguard services have rather competitive prices and there is one more thing that you need to consider when thinking of hiring a lifeguard.


The ease of mind that having a professional lifeguard at your party is unparalleled. This also brings us to the second point of today. 


2. No Pool Party In Vegas Is Complete Without Comfort


Woman Relaxing At A Pool Party


The main point of a pool party is to have fun and to enjoy some time with family and friends. The added bonus of having a lifeguard, as we stated, is the ease of mind that their services can provide. 


The last thing you want to be doing in the middle of a party would be to worry about the safety of everyone and to have to deal with everything that that implies. 


This notion is bigger than just the lifeguards though. Keep in mind that having a lifeguard can provide you with comfort. The goal is to enjoy your time as much as possible, lifeguards are just the means. 


Working with water events and sports for our entire existence, we know how important it is for pool parties to be done right. 

3. The Weather Shall Be Your Ally For A Pool Party In Vegas


Picture Of The Sun


Las Vegas weather is warm and to an extent easily predictable. That is a great factor. Anyone knows how much of a factor weather plays with anything water-related.


Choosing the perfect weather can seemingly be an easy task. However, just like most other things in life there are complications to be found.


A pool party in Vegas, for example, is different from one in New York City. While at the later you may pray for warm, sunny days, the former has a little less options to choose from. 


When we say “the weather shall be your ally” we mean to point out how amazing the Vegas weather is for such events, while also reminding you to not let it turn into an enemy. 


Jumping in the swimming pool full of cold water can be the best way to combat the desert heat. However, that desert heat can cause issues health wise.


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause a variety of undesired effects. Starting from sun burns all the way to heat strokes, you want to make sure you avoid all of them.


Staying hydrated and under shades are the key ingredients in keeping the warm weather an ally. The ‘enemy’ here is prolonged exposure to the sun.


4. Things To Avoid For Your Pool Party In Vegas


Street Arrow Pointing Left


A pool party is incomplete without certain things. These things can be anything from flamengo shaped floaties to just watermelon. 


The choices here are limited only by your imagination. While we cannot tell you what is essential for you, we can definitely warn you about a few.


Water Slides – This can be a bit confusing. Even lifeguards at times will refuse to provide their services if there is a water slide in your pool. 


The reason why this happens is because water slides have the potential to make for a huge safety hazard. Be it inside or out of the pool.


Children can be impatient while using it, and accidents are bound to happen. If you can avoid them, we highly urge you to do so!


Alcohol – This is the most self-explanatory thing to avoid for your pool party in Vegas. Humans are amazing fascinating beings… At least when they aren’t under the influence.


The safety risks here are obvious. It can be challenging to safeguard a bunch of adults who would find it challenging differentiating left from right.


This is a very painful entry for pool parties in Vegas though, especially if you are going to one as a tourist. Knowing that, we still would urge everyone to avoid alcoholic beverages at their pool parties. 


Food and drinks – Now we are either building our way to the most boring pool party ever, or there is more to this entry than just not having food. 


Food and drinks can be amazing, and you definitely want some of it for any party, what you don’t want is people having food while being inside the pool. 


If you can maintain this rule, it will help keep the pool clean, which in turn will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. 


Pool parties are amazing, and whether you are having a pool party in Vegas or anywhere in the world we highly hope that you have a lot of fun and the experience of a lifetime.