5 Quick Tips For Toddler Face Masks

Tips for Toddler Face Masks

The idea that face masks can be fun to wear is kind of strange. We can all agree at least on that. They can be a true hassle and we all are tired of them. However, with the pandemic still raging on, we have no other option but to stick with the dreaded face mask. Here are 5 quick tips for toddler face masks.


Now if you thought it’s hard for adults to wear face masks, three words: “Toddler Face Masks”. Even though sometimes convincing adults can be challenging, with toddlers the complexity rises a billion times.


We thought it would be great to share some fun tips for toddler face masks, so that maybe, they can help you out. 


Toddler face masks are less important than adult face masks


Before we begin, it is crucial that we point out that most of the time Toddlers don’t have to wear masks. Most places that require people to wear masks, have regulations in place that allow toddlers to roam mask-free. 


However, everyday life is guaranteed to bring situations where you have to put a face mask on your toddler. This post is meant to help for those instances. It is important that you remember to lead by example. If you wear face masks, it’ll be easier to convince your toddler to do so too. 


With that aside, let’s get into it…


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Toddler face masks with superheroes and cartoons


Our first entry is all about superheroes. Most toddlers have a favorite superhero, a preferred cartoon, a show they love… Try using that to your advantage. There are plenty of well-established superheroes that make up the style of different toddler face masks. 



Stylish designs attract toddlers


As adults we have our particular taste in what we like to wear. These preferences are developed throughout our life. At an early stage, like toddler hood, our tastes are very young and extremely impressionable. Think of it like asking your toddler what their favorite bed sheets are.


If they like pink colors, with princesses and unicorns in their bedroom, chances are high that they will like them on their face mask. 



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A toddler face mask that fits well


When it comes to buying clothes, a great advice is to always focus on what makes you comfortable. The same applies to masks. That’s even more so when it comes to toddlers. Make sure that the mask you get them is the right size.


It is very important that they feel comfortable wearing it and that it doesn’t come loose. As this not only will agitate them, making them not want to wear it anymore. It can also decrease the effectiveness of the mask majorly. Making wearing it, essentially useless.



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Disposable toddler face masks are a canvas


If your toddler enjoys drawing, you can make the best out of that. Try using a disposable mask as your canvas next time. Draw shapes, faces, words, or anything that your toddler wants and then ask them to wear it. This is a win-win for everyone.


Not only do you get to spend some fun, quality time with your toddler, but you also find a new way to convince your toddler to wear their face mask, if need be. Keep in mind not to damage the mask. That would be very unproductive.


Hopefully you won’t have to make your toddler wear a mask often. Whenever you find yourself in that situation, then hopefully these tips can help you convince them to wear their mask.