Top 10 Family Friendly Pool Games

Top 10 Family Friendly Pool Games

If your loved ones loves the water as much as you do, make it interesting and incorporate swimming games into your pool time! Sometimes, all kids need to be entertained is the pool itself, other times they can become antsy and impatient for the next activity. Introducing, the top 10 family friends pool games !


Playing swimming games with children is a definite way to have them excited about being in the water and swimming. It is also an activity that allows for parents to be equally as involved, creating long lasting memories. In this blog we will go over the best swimming games to play with your children, with and without props.


The pool games mentioned will range from classic, creative and downright crazy! They will definitely keep the entire family entertained throughout the day by the pool.


1. Marco Polo


This classic game is very similar to tag but has a slight twist! For this game you do not need any props but can add them in to make the game more physical. While in the water, the person who is “it” has to keep their eyes closed, which will add more of a challenge. If you decide to add in props, the person who is “it” has the option to throw whichever prop at their target, with the intention to get them out!


2. Duck Push


You’ll only need rubber ducks(one per player) for this game. The goal of the game is to get the duck to the other end of the pool. The challenging part of this game is that no one is allowed to use their hands! You are able to push your duck with your nose, forehand or by blowing air through your mouth.


3. F-I-S-H


Fish is the swimmers addition to the iconic basketball game, H-O-R-S-E. To play this game, the first player performs any task of their choosing and the others have to repeat it. If someone is unable to complete the task, they have earned their first letter in the word fish. Whoever spells fish, first loses the game. 


4. Submarine Race


This game is most popular among younger children and children currently learning to swim underwater. To play this game, have everyone line up against the edge of the pool; someone from the outside yells “Go” and the kids race underwater to see who can go the furthest without coming up for air! 


5. Ping Pong Madness


This game is super simple and fun for the entire family. For this game, you only need the ping-pong balls. Toss the balls inside the water and have everyone try and grab as many as they can. There are no rules and nothing is off limits! 


6. Sharks & Minnows


This game involves speed and the allusion of fear. One person is the shark and the rest of the players are the minnows. The “shark” stands in the middle of the pool and yells “Go.” After this is called out, the minnows jump in the pool and try to get past the shark without being tagged. One by one everyone tagged by the shark has to leave the water and the last person standing then becomes the shark. 


7. Splash Dance


This game is most popular among girls. To play this game, the players can either work individually or break off into teams. Each person or team has to choreograph their own dance in the water. To spice this game up you can include props such as sunglasses, hats or pool noodles. 


8. Noodle Jousting


Noodle Jousting is a fun game for advanced swimmers. You will need a pool raft and a pool noodle for each player. Each player sits on their raft and the pool noodles are used to “joust” with other players. The goal is to knock the other players off their raft and into the water. The last player remaining on their raft, wins.


9. Water Ball


You can play this game with either a basketball or a volleyball. To make the game more challenging, also include volleyball nets and basketball hoops. This game is family friendly and can be as organized or unorganized as you like! To play, divide into teams and keep score! 


10. Belly Flop


This game is a definite laugh but proceed with caution. Each player simply has to dive into the pool and attempt the biggest, loudest belly flop. The player who earns the most applause, becomes the winner! 


Most children want to spend their hot summer days at the water park, beach or splashing in the pool. Playing pool games will turn your normal pool day into a fun activity for the entire crowd! It is important to note that you should know how to swim before entering the water or attempting any of these games.


Everyone involved should also have the proper swim equipment. We definitely recommend researching each of these pool games and to make sure you know everyone’s swim level before starting the game.


Here at InstaSwim, we take pool safety very seriously. If you or a loved one does not know how to swim properly, we offer private at home swim lesson services where the instructor comes to you! Learn more today!