Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels in Texas 

Hotels In Texas

Texas is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. There is always something new to talk about, and today we are going to talk about the 5 most expensive hotels in Texas.


Finding Hotels in Texas has been a really heavy topic in the past month or so, due to the severe weather that Texas faced.


However, with those days behind, and with high hopes for a better future, we thought that it would be fun to list 5 most expensive hotels we could find in Texas.


Keep in mind that we are talking about hotels in Texas as a hole, and since Texas is so big, we will be traveling far and wide to reach our destination.


Another thing that we should add is that we will base our rankings on We will also try to remain impartial. We won’t be deciding whether the prices are worth it or not. 


Instead we will only try and give praise where we feel like praise is due, and leave the rest up to you to decide whether the pricing on the hotels below are justified. 


  1. The Grand Tuscany Hotel


The Great Tuscany Hotel In Texas


Location: Huston 


Most Expensive Room For 2: $1,209


With areas like this, it is hard to deny that the Grand Tuscany Hotel looks amazing. This place gets what luxury is and what people want when they think of escaping into a luxurious trip.


The Grand Tuscany Hotel has it all, starting from the most basic like room service, to a swimming pool, no smoking rooms, fitness center, on site parking, restaurant, and so on…


As far as Hotels in Texas go The Grand Tuscany might be one of the most unique with it’s design and overall vibe. 


It seems that people who most enjoy this place are couples, as they are the ones who have left the most reviews in their booking listing and the overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive.


This hotel is located in a great area of Houston and is relatively close to all the best part of the city. For example Citycenter Plaza is only 5.6 miles away.


  1. Howard Johnson by Wyndham Pecos


Howard Johnson by Wyndham Pecos


Location: Pecos 


Most Expensive Room For 3: $999


Hotels in Texas are capable of catering to their demographic by providing a fantastic service that is meant to be enjoyed by the family union as a whole.


Howard Johnson  by Wyndham Perryton is the perfect example of this, as it is one of most family friendly hotels in Texas, while having extremely expensive rooms. 


As you’d expect this hotel has a fitness center, free parking, 24 hours service at the front desk and most of all it provides a luxurious experience that cannot be described.


The room that is $999 has two queen-sized beds and two bedrooms. On it there can be as many as 5 guests. 

This is maybe a bit of a controversial entry, as while we were looking at the reviews on their website… Some of them weren’t very pleased, to say the least.  


  1. Baymont by Wyndham Perryton


Baymont by Wyndham Perryton Hotel in Texas


Location: Perryton


Most Expensive Room For 8: $999


We are off with a bit of a controversial start here. You see, unlike other expensive hotels in Texas, this one, and the previous entry, see high prices with rooms meant for a lot of people. 


However, since our goal was to see the most expensive listings in, we can’t help it but include it. 


Baymont Hotel is a quiet location that is ideal for families. Just like their most expensive room, which is ideal for probably more than one family. 


This room has 1 king sized bed and 2 queen sized beds, with the booking there is breakfast included and the hotel itself has a few  more things to offer such as a fitness center. 


  1. Regency Inn & Suites DFW


Regency Inn & Suites DFW


Location: Euless 


Most Expensive Room For 2: $1000


Yet again we face another entry that the price is a bit controversial. Hotels in Texas can be as luxurious as they come, but is this one a particularly luxurious hotel? We’ll let you be the judge of that. 


Regency Inn & Suites DFW is the first entry in our list that has a room with a 4 digits price. This room also happens to be a room where smoking is permitted, just like in the 60s.


Euless is a relatively small city, therefore if you have a vehicle, anything is in close proximity, regardless of where your hotel is located. 


The room itself comes equipped with every amenity you can imagine. The list of things included, in the booking website, is one of the longest we have ever seen. 


Unlike with the previous entry the room is only meant for two. Something that we noted was the low rating of just 6.8. And yet again, make of it what you will…


  1. The Westin Austin Downtown


The Westin Austin Downtown


Location: Austin


Most Expensive Room For 2: $1219


We have now reached the number one spot of the top 5 most expensive hotels in Texas, and The Westin Austin Downtown is the perfect candidate for this spot.


When it comes to this place, you can throw the word luxury around as much as you want, and you would be right every time.


Although this does offer rooms with more affordable prices, they’re most expensive room is quite a thing to admire. 


The thing that stood out the most to us was the fantastic view that this room has. Austin has never looked more beautiful. 


Everything that you can find in a hotel you will find it here. While the room has a very interesting design. To us it looked like a room that Don Draper from TV Show ‘Mad Men’ would live in. 


The more we look at this property the more we fall in love with it, and we just wanted to point out that the hotel has a rooftop pool bar, which is always welcomed and an enjoyable addition. 


So what can we conclude based on all the things that we talked about today? We think that the most obvious lesson is that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean luxurious. At least that isn’t the case on booking. 


Other than that, Texas is an amazing place, and if you are looking for hotels in Texas, we hope we could have provided something valuable for you today. 


On the other hand, if you want to see more things Texas related, we suggest you check our picks for the 5 most amazing places in Texas